New Forum Guide - Syntax and Features


on the old forums i think it was used for those who were insulting players based on the class they play and other troll threads

you know like tard
if we have more active mods here maybe flagging would get better results than just downvoting them ever would


Unfortunately, making a comment in an online discussion forum invites discussion. I read a post you make, think “that’s wrong, here’s why”, then I type it. If you just wanted to make a slick jab and leave, you didn’t need to respond to me when I responded to you. Or to my response to that, or the one after that. If you don’t want a discussion, and don’t care to convince me, and think there’s no point to this whatsoever, what exactly are you doing here?

Is it just how you cope with the loss of the downvote feature? Make any reply, no regard for quality or coherence as long as it conflicts what’s been said, and then renounce all responsibility for the exact content of it because you “don’t intend to have a discussion”? That really does fit with how you’ve been posting so far, considering how quick you were to jump between lines of thought in the earlier replies.

But that isn’t how it works. Ideas are not above criticism just because you don’t feel like defending them. I don’t need you to ask me or give permission for me to argue against what you’re saying. As long as you maintain some point of view that I disagree with, or say something ridiculous that I feel like commenting on, I still have reason to answer with whatever reply occurs to me. And if you want to respond to me in turn, then that invites me to answer yet again. Like it or not, that’s a discussion. Calling it something else is a poor excuse for all the halfhearted rambling you put into it, and it isn’t going to fool anyone.

If you just want to type your clever thoughts on something, safe from dissent and absolved of all criticism, I suggest simply writing them in a notepad next time rather than posting them publicly.


That would also depends on how they interpret the breach of their definition of spam, etc.

I’m cynical, but it seems to me they’ve been half-baking the whole centralized moderation vs. community moderation deal.


Did you enjoy typing that wall of text?

I didn’t care to read it, good day pseudo-intellect.


Yes. This is actually kind of funny.

That’s probably the best thing you could have done. The whole point was that you should either not respond or make a very lazy one that leaves no room for me to argue or make fun of you, so you can convince everyone that you really don’t care.

Once more, but this time try a little harder with the “don’t intend to discuss” charade.


¯_(ツ)/¯ ¯_(ツ)/¯ ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Ah! Too much work … it killed my post I was going to do now, GG.


Cannot disagree with you more. The DV system led to negative followers and a total lack of discourse, which in turn led to decent posts being DV just because, with no explanation on either end. The DV button was garbage.


Soon, I will be off to see whether I can find out what trust level applies to me. I’m old, as in played for years, and new, as in back after a year or more not playing. I would love to know how that’s applied. And what is an increased “like” count (level 2)? Does that pertain to how many likes I can give? How many I can receive? How many I can receive on one post or comment? Happy to delete this comment if the info is easy to spot and I haven’t yet.


Is there a way to see what my current trust level is? I can’t find it in the profile page. (though I can see all the inputs, and figure out what my trust level ought to be…)

Also, re-upping simsense 's question: Just what does “increased like count” mean? Is there a ceiling on how many "like"s we can give at levels 0 & 1? (Or on likes received?)


For guides where accuracy is impt and also the effort being input.
Is there a way to protect the contents of the creator from unintended, ill-intend, etc alterations in the Wiki format?


These new forums are awful. Disorganized, ugly. I feel a little sick inside.

Thumbs down.


But the suggested topics! How else would you know what to read!

And the good thing? They never seem to change!

Srsly, on my “Home Page” or whatever it is on these forums… it still has the same topics as it did at the forums launch…

There are a lot of good thing about the forums tho now, once you get used to it.


Any way to know what is our current “trust level” ?


Heartstone forums are like the game. Pretty bad



i’d like to know too, we have no way of knowing what trust lvl we are or what we need to do to reach the next lvl, it’s kinda lame


I too would like to know…



This may be relevant:

'Finding Your Trust Level


Wow, thank you! That was extremely relevant and very helpful.
Looks like I’m trust level 2.


everyone is lvl 2 except wardrum, and nobody knows what to do in order to reach lvl 3