My "Limited-Time Event: Rattlegore" disappeared

From the 24.6 patch notes, it’s supposed to be disappeared on Nov. 29.


Apparently there was a mistake in the notes and they’ve been updated to say “you have until November 22 to complete all 10 Tasks”, but this is crap that they advertised it as going until the 29th and ended it early


No…I opened the page again now and I saw the Nov. 22 thing.

But actually I had the page opened before I post this thread. I can still seeing Nov. 29

Let’s look at other medias about patch note 24.6

“At the time of the event, you have 30 days to complete your 10 task”. This indicates the end date is Nov. 29

Chinese blizzard patch notes. Your can search the string 30 and You can see 11 x 30 x. Which means Nov. 30

Everything lead to that Blizzard just modified the patch notes after I posted this thread.

Blizzard, please do not do such stupid things.

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Yes, it was confirmed on twitter that the patch notes were incorrect

Well, perhaps you could bring it back for another week at some point so that those of us who were still working on it could finish?

Ahem… This is very, very bad how they treated the players with this issue.

I suppose I’ll leave this here: Generally, he’s got a point here (although I can’t say I always agree with him, but this time I do: treating the players, who were counting on the event ending on November 29th, this way is atrocious), I don’t see the need to repeat it all.

PS It’s also a… shame from a technical perspective if you look at the subsequent answer by Nicholas “DeckTech” Weiss:

Understand the frustration—I hadn’t finished the event on my personal account either. Unfortunately, that’s the only option this time.


they literaly say “wow who cares? 2 people playing this dead mode, we dont get any money from that. fy with that “event”, eat it”

Rerun the event or give all active Mercenaries players the rewards anyway, then extra rewards to those that did any part of the event!


I was grinding out tasks on Tess and Malch for mission 8 (because holy crap that objective was ridiculous). Logged on this morning and it was gone. Was going to have time off work pushing it out this week. I get that mercenaries isn’t their most popular mode, but this is awful. I actually really love mercs because of the lack of timer–with 2 small children and work, it makes it easy to play something without having to worry about the rope. This is actually making me question if it’s even worth bothering with it anymore.

Super upset over this. I have been working a ton over the last few months and have only had a few days off and double shifts many of the others.

I have barely been able to complete my Traditional Hearthstone Dailies due to time. I have completed all the other events, but only got the first two started last weekend. I noted on my calendar the date it ended (Since nothing in game). This Thanksgiving Holiday I actually had time off and was going to finish it.

Last night I was devastated when the event was gone. To add injury, I had just worked up enough money to get the Lich King Mega bundle since this is the only game I really have time to play.


This is a horrible way to treat your paying customers, or even people who spend their time in this mode. They should have apologized and reinstated the original published end date. Get it together, Blizzard!


I was counting on completing the Rattlegore event over the holiday weekend, when I have time, and came here when I found the event gone from my campfire. So, there was an error in the patch notes? Okay, that happens, but once it does happen, it’s on Blizzard to make things right for the customers. Just ending the event and saying “Oops” is a terrible response.
BTW, I opened a support ticket, and the system is telling me the average wait time for a response is 45 days?! WTF?

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By the way, what holidays are some people talking about here? No matter, though, it’s still a shame they’ve disappointed players who had such plans anyway.

And, once again, it’s really embarassing if they can’t even re-launch the event or something like it… A ‘sorry, not sorry’ kind of response — is that all they’re capable of? You’ve gotta do better than that…

PS In case someone didn’t bother to watch the video I linked above — that guy (Old Guardian) promised to relay your feedback to Blizzard. Don’t know if it’ll help, but if you use those media (YouTube and so on… I’ve heard there’s a Discord community, too), I suppose you could leave your comment there — maybe it’ll send some kind of message… I suppose it’s better than nothing, although it’s not much.

I’m commenting to keep this thread alive. I really wanted to complete the Rattlegore tasks.

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Just for the record:


That’s a good news. Looking forward to the solution.

“we are working on a solution”, as if it isn’t already obvious what the solutions should be:

  1. make the even available for the missing days

or, if it’s really hard to do that

  1. give all rewards to everyone who started the event

I don’t play mercenaries but I remember there was a problem in the past with the ysarjj even or something; did they solve the issue? I remember seeing a lot of threads about it not being solved.

If their solution to this problem (they caused) is of the same quality of the “excess coins problems”, then prepare to be disappointed

I wouldn’t be surprised if their coding is so messed up that it’s not that trivial to do that.

Sounds too generous. :grinning: Besides, figuring out who ‘started the event’ might be more or less equivalent in terms of difficulty to a proper solution, as described above, who knows…

There used to be bugged tasks in previous events (it got better, though, and C’Thun was more or less smooth, if memory serves), but I think they solved them, so that they could be completed in the end. I don’t remember details right now, but it could be figured out, if needed. Is that it or is there something else you had in mind?

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25.0.1 Patch Notes .