[Mercs] Bwonsamdi cheese for elite encounters

I just discovered that when using Bwonsamdi’s second skill (Irrefusable Deal) to become immune and then return all mercs to the bench at the end of the turn, it means that the AI can only return 3 mercs to the board next turn, even when it’s an elite encounter where the AI starts with 4 mercs on board.

That substantially reduces the difficulty for elite encounters, especially on Heroic and/or at role disadvantage. Particularly if the AI decides to target the now immune Bwonsandi, which it often will since Bwonsandi has low stats!

Should work well for boss fights with more than 3 mercs on board as well (although it won’t help against boss minions) - will try that later!

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I hope this is not a bug. Many fights are already hard enough. And when I check a guide on youtube I see that person has mercs with 4K spare dust. My highest dust count for a maxed merc is around 1k and more. This says enough to the guide. Or they play mercenaries very long. Or they spend so much money. I think this has also to do with matches. I am not a bad player. But I don’t start the discussion again. :smiley:

let it be known do not use that skill on herioc medeiv …or you be fighting lots of your self even after medeiv dies…almost guarentee loss

Dust? What are u talking about?

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I tried it and it worked fine - but you need to ensure not to grab any treasures that give your mercs extra health - with stat buffs the copies that Medivh generates will be hard to get rid of.

Also, it seems that the copies which Medivh generates are added to his bench before being summoned, so if his add first casts the ability that makes Medivh summon copies twice, there could be a lot of copies on the bench… but again, without stat buffs they are easily dealt with.

I found that easiest team for Medivh is a shadow team with Vol’jin, Azshara, Kazakus and Bwonsamdi. Especially if you get the treasure for Bwonsamdi that summons him from the bench at the end of the turn, then you’ll have 4 mercs in play on the second turn and the option to return all to the bench if you’re in a tight spot.

lol my easy team is murlocs… just give medivh taunt and hit him with the rest of the murlocs quick heriocs to get your medivh treasure …2 rounds and the enemy medivh is dead . then just mopped up the rest

Sorry I mean coins. Which is needed to craft or upgrade them

Try it on boss fights with high numbers (Fish of N’Zoth or maybe even Heroic Drek’Thar, although I haven’t tested it). But then again, the ridiculousness of Bwonsamdi has been suspected since his announcement — it’s just turned out to be even more than initially thought with elite or boss fights.

Well… No offence, but I think some self-criticism could help one improve a lot. :wink:

PS Yeah, I remember you and your difficulties and I know what I’m talking about. Reading what enemy abilities do, for instance, is definitely cheating and is utterly impossible without unbelievable luck (yeah, every time) and spending a lot of money. :grinning:

Since I don’t like those folks, my recommendation would be the good old Xyrella, Velen and Anduin. Yep, these three can clear the whole (heroic) encounter without losses (unlike some other parties) easily, just don’t pick any stupid treasures that can mess it up.

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An update: I don’t remember if they fixed it or not, but the ‘cheese’ does not work against most bosses… apart from C’Thun (on any difficulty). Let me explain further.

As far as I understand, there’s an allotted number of mercs each side is supposed to normally start with or have in play, unless something else goes on. The default is 3, however, it’s not always the case for the player (Nefarian and Heroic Chess event… Maestra also, I believe… am I missing something?), neither is it for boss fights (but it still is for Elite ‘trash’ fights, though). If mercs are sent to the bench, enough of them should be played to fill the allotted places (it’s not bug-free in case there are also minions, but that’s another story). If you lose some, you play some from the bench (or ‘hand’) before the next turn until you have enough in play or run out of mercs.

Most bosses, I think, have enough space to replay all their ‘adds’ immediately… However, C’Thun, as far as I understand, has only one place, despite 3 enemy mercs being on the board at the start, — so that he normally emerges not as a ‘reinforcement’, but only when all the others are gone. Thus, if you send them all to the bench by Bwonsamdi, they will come out one by one, making it easier for you. I don’t know if this is a bug or design flaw, but something to consider.