Hearthstone Mercenaries Bug Compilation - 25.4

Oh yeah that ones an old one. It’s specifically when his baby skin is used, and I’m pretty sure it also when he’s used by a player.

It is indeed. Sometimes they get fixed silently, like that one apparently was at some point, but this one’s still present — encountered it recently, if memory serves.


Not sure about that: done something with a Chi-Ji centred party recently, and this wasn’t happening all the time. Or do you mean that Chi-Ji’s gotta be present in the party for the bug to trigger? I’ve had some suspicions about that, too, but can’t confirm it definitively.

PS A bit off-topic, but still, wanted to ask you something: have you, by chance, got any data about this particular interaction: Mercenaries: cannot be critted vs guaranteed crit ? In PvE, I don’t think I’ve managed to test anything else, other than what’s written down there…

Definitely. It’s been around since Chi-Ji was added. Even tested it before I added it to the list just to make sure.

What I mean is that the bug is not limited to AI and can be activated by a player. You will notice that whenever you do get this bug, it’ll be with the Chi-Ji baby portrait. As mentioned all you need to do is equip the baby portrait and when you play him you’ll hear both his play sound and death sound at the same time. I’m not positive on the next part, but I think his death sound may also not play when he dies, but I don’t know for sure.

It’s been a while but I’ve definitely had situations where I have Saronite Armor and an enemy uses an ability which “always crits” or “forces crits”. From all the abilities that I’ve seen they still do not crit. Bleed may not have been changed to “not be able to crit” as advertised and may actually just be dealing neutral damage, which of course can crit just fine. There isn’t a good way to test this theory just yet but perhaps when the new mercs are dropped we’ll get some abilities that will help with science and we can more deeply analyse it.

I’ll try to look into it, thank you. Probably never played with that portrait myself, since it’s not my favourite one.

The weird thing with the bounty map is that the sound is played even before the actual fight is loaded, which can be unsettling if it catches you off-guard.

Basically, the one I’d test is Diablo or Brann vs Mutanus with an Irridescent Necklace.

In theory, could be anything — even bleed being a status effect, rather than something credited to a particular mercenary — given that it’s also stackable, that’s how I would do it (especially given that it must also ignore any kind of spell power). Could be tested with Murloc Holmes, by the way, although reguires a tricky setup with PvP.

Speaking of bleeding — reminded me of another old bug in a specific bounty, namely Nefarian (I would do it on Heroic), although it might be actually more of an end-of-turn thing. If you’d remove all the blue minions from the first stage at the end of turn by bleeding, then the second stage would be bugged, and only one ‘add’, instead of all three enemies, including Nefarian in his dragon form, would be summoned, if memory serves. I was thinking this could be tested again at some point — actually, if you haven’t done it, it can be quite fun. The idea is to use the following party:

### Nefarian
# Elise Starseeker
# 	 - Oasis Canteen 4
# Brann Bronzebeard
# 	 - Relic of Uldum 4
# Gruul
# 	 - Dragon's Skull 4
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

(you can add any other three for climbing, if you want to, although these can do ordinary fights, i.e. against native Blackrock opponents on that map, too). During the boss encounter, you’d put these three mercs on the board, stack fire resistance, then summon the Golden Monkey (remember to leave room for it, so you can have one additional Dragonmaw Poacher for maximum effect) and literally spank (with the Trusty Whip, as well as other skills) the enemies at the second stage — it’s quite hilarious. The dart trap, however, could cause the issue described earlier (I think there would be just enough damage to trigger it if you keep using FoK with Valeera every turn and spread other ‘ranged’ skills evenly) and spoil the fun — that’s how I discovered it.

Well a much simpler way to test it is to check whether or not Wrathion’s bleed scales the health gain of his transformation ability (which is doesn’t). It never has before however even when bleed could crit, so my assumption is that some enchantments that deal damage are somehow able to be given a role even if they aren’t attributed to a specific merc. I heard that Sinestra’s AoE was apparently not proccing Holmes “obviously the murderer” status effect either, so it seems consistent with the theory.

I haven’t tried that before but it sounds interesting. It does make sense though. I would assume the second phase just doesn’t have a death phase inbetween. If I recall correctly, the first phase has 2 free slots on the enemy side, so if you kill them with bleeding, then the condition is met, then it attempts to summon the phase 2 units, only 2 slots are available. After this the death phase would clear the 3 dead mercs + first phase Nefarian.

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I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand. Do you mean the damage he takes from bleeding doesn’t count towards the True Form’s buff?

I meant a slightly different thing — bleeding might no longer be credited as a damage source from a particular mercenary, like it used to be, if I recall correctly: namely, there would be several status effects or enchantments on a bleeding merc, each attributed to a particular ability applying it, and now it just stacks.

The first phase is ‘Unimpressed Nefarius’ and four lackeys, so only one space left, if we assume 6 to be the maximum (which isn’t always the case, as I’ve reported here, but usually it is), thus only the first ‘add’ from the second phase summoned — makes perfect sense! :+1:

Speaking of slots on the board, reminded me of another matter: what do you think about that one with the C’Thun bounty, should we consider it a bug or a design limitation?

A few other notes about some bounties (difficulty on which it was tested in brackets):

Lokholar (Heroic): his ‘Avalanche’ ability (Attack a random enemy. Repeat for each of your other characters.) seems to respect taunt now. I don’t rightly remember, was it always the case or was it fixed at some point?

Garrosh (Normal) has a text like this: ‘Restore 25 health to this Merc after another character casts a Shadow ability.’ However, this seems to trigger only from the abilities of his allies, not enemies — in particular, the player’s Twilight Extinction or Shadowflame would not heal him.

About a few abilities:

– The full animation for Varian’s Retaliation is visible only for an enemy Varian, not mine, where it just shines a lot (on PC, Windows).
– Don’t know if this is a bug or a proper interaction, but an interesting one: if a merc (it was an enemy Uther in PvE in my case) would cast a Holy ability twice due to Velen’s Blessing, but is killed after the first cast (my Trigore did it), then the second cast woudn’t happen, despite the text: ‘Your next Holy ability casts twice.’

That might be another example for the subject of dying mercs casting their abilities or not, as with Trigore and Long’xin, which we discussed a while ago.

I’m saying that Wrathion has an equipment that gives his second skill a bleed status effect. The damage from this bleed is not considered to be damage dealt by him, as it does not scale the health he would gain from his third ability. By this same logic, it would make sense that it would not trigger holmes ability if the bleed killed the target. This could be the case for all other enchantments that deal damage.

Design limitation. There’d be no way to prevent C’thun from coming out as soon as a single enemy was killed if they increased the the number of slots to 3 on that fight. By having it as 1, it guarantees that C’thun will only show up after all 3 are dead. This is however where the Bwonsamdi exploit comes into play.

All “random” attacks are supposed to respect taunt. If this wasn’t the case for Lokholar at some point, it was a bug and has been fixed it seems. I personally never encountered it though I didn’t do that bounty much.

I think that’s a wording issue. I don’t think the intention was for it to trigger from friendly shadow abilities as it would be a hardcounter against any shadow comps. That being said it is possible that it’s meant to. Twisted Worgen is worded the same way with its shadow damage passive, and previously did not scale off of allies, but now it does.

Hard to say if this is intentional or not. There are plenty of cases where animations or sounds don’t play for opponents that do for yourself, for example attack sounds. I have however noticed that in Hearthstone in general lately I’ve noticed many times where animations just don’t happen at all. Might be a global bug.

This should be intentional. I can’t recall if there’s a death phase between Trigore’s backlash proc, but a dead merc certainly shouldn’t be able to cast an ability regardless. As for consistency the only thing I can think to compare it to at the moment is Y’shaarj’s first ability killing the target and himself. It of course won’t attempt to cast the ability again despite the deathblow.

Oh, sorry, for some reason I remembered his ‘True Form’ ability wrong — or maybe read it wrong in the first place, haven’t played with it much. Never mind that.

Not really: many of them use Azshara (with that blade), and she can deal massive Arcane damage. Normally, you’d want to take down the ‘adds’ first, then tend to Garrosh, so it might be doable — I haven’t tried it, though.

PS Some bounties look like they are meant to be ‘hard-counters’ for particular parties (although Garrosh is still doable with Fire, for instance :grinning: ), so it wouldn’t be an issue if that were the case.

You mean enemies?

Or even those entry animations of mercenaries that I mentioned earlier — just to brush up on some old things. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not a problem.

Yeah it just feels odd to me that they’d have a bounty be a hardcounter to 2 different comps. In my experience Garrosh can already be pretty tough if you’re unlucky.

The enemies of the worgen yes. Allies of the player. It’s a bit confusing to flip back and forth when writing replies. Must’ve gotten mixed up.

If you’re referring to Onyxia, I added that. If there are many more I may just put it under general with a list of them to save space and time.

As in, I am posting bugs that I’ve encountered. I also checked in to see if others maybe had the same issue just in case, and then when I find they do I contextualize what I noticed with other’s encounters. But, like, who is “someone” I guess, my point is aren’t I someone? Who are the authorities you’re pointing towards

I got lost in the back and forth, and I accidentally repeated myself a little there, but my point is that you are doing your utmost to set doubt on whether I witnessed a phenomenon that I did. I am verifying these phenomenon that others have reported. What do you actually want from me/ Because it certainly just feels like gatekeeping.

No, I meant the general old issue:

These animations are also not visible when your opponent plays mercs from hand (in both PvP and PvE) — unless they miraculously fixed that in the latest patch, which I haven’t tested yet.

:grinning: Even three, if we include Shadow: there’s also an ‘add’ that gives Fire and Holy resistance.

Somewhat tough, but not impossible. One can still do it with Fire (the right order should be figured out to play around the resistance and shields, then it’s quite consistent), but sometimes a decent bench is also needed. Other options would probably be Frost and Nature (especially with Nemsy).

Oh I’m aware that enemies can’t see special entrance animations. I’m pretty sure that’s intentional so that both players are given access to their abilities at the same time. I could be wrong though.

True. I’ll add it anyway because I do know what you’re talking about

Some more notes…

Fix confirmed, by the way — did it with Rattlegore, Geddon and Ragnaros (not my idea, but it works), and it counted.

UPD: actually, it’s also Banehollow.

I’d like to clarify that I am totally okay and in support of anyone sharing their bug experiences here. Don’t worry if anyone says otherwise. The list is long and I don’t expect everyone to read the entire thing so I also don’t mind if some replies are already listed as well. I’ll retain the fact that I’d prefer to test bugs myself before adding them to the main list, but as you’ve mentioned this isn’t a concern of yours.

Speaking of the main list however, I’ve decided since then to be a bit more lenient in that if someone really wants something to be added to, or crossed off of the main list, but it’s something I just haven’t gotten around to testing, I’ll accept clear video evidence as a substitute to my own testing. To be honest I have not been too diligent lately due to a bit of burnout on the mode, and as has been discussed earlier, I may end up archiving the post and delegating the matter to other people in the community sometime soon.

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This is finally fixed

Maybe the community could do something in a REAL bug tracking system and this subject could be just a link?

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The issue with community bug tracking is the amount of duplicate reports. You’d need to have a few people around to sort through them. At which point it just becomes a repeat of the forum.

Even a post on this forum can be made editable by everyone, but that’d probably be not a very good idea — some curated list is needed, as I also stated here earlier, because of all these duplicates and common misunderstandings or false positives.

By the way, making a post editable by some people is an option, apparently — so technically we could have a few volunteers keeping it up.

That said, a bugzilla does have some technical advantages — true, but it’s unclear for me whether it’d be worth the trouble for this particular purpose.

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I think that post is misunderstood. I made a playground for him just by making a new post lower down editable so he could mess around with it, but ultimately, anyone can still edit it.

So once you make a post editable, anyone can edit it and there’s no way to select who can and can’t edit it.

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