24.4 Patch Notes

I really love mercenaries, and I just want to put this out there. Since I’ve seen you bring such crazy characters like the old gods into the mode, I think it would be really awesome to see all 5 versions of galakrond as unique mercs put in too. It’s a perfect little group to release, and he could have a rule that only 1 type of galakrond can be put into a party at a time.

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i noticed they added 6 rares …im going to have to check my mercs task for more packs ( i ttry to open at least as many rares to save most of my gold for HS)


Would like to see them fix Sire, Theo and Prince.


Nope. That’s coming in Patch 24.6, a couple of months down the road.


why on earth is bwomsandi a fighter and korak a caster??

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No fix for Reno the Relicologist? Its been crashing the game for almost a month.


Driving me crazy.

It affects Wild, Adventures, anything using that effect.

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patch doesn’t go live until like 10am, right?

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So, instead of banning the bots, they add their own bots, and now the low mmr experience farming bots can play against Blizzard bots, and not bother human players? Eye twitch Ha. Haha. Hahahaaaa.

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I truly hope that this fixes the solo adventures, considering people haven’t been able to access them for a few months now.


5 versions? It made sense in ladder, where you had 9 classes. But in Mercs? Maybe 3 versions is more suitable?
And i think that it is better to just make 1 galakrond with 3 different equipments that completely change all his abilities, class and give some passive bonus.

Maybe that’s because shadow team lacks fighters?
And maybe korrak is a caster because he’s an anti summon character, and summoners are mostly casters, so he would be too strong being a fighter.

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So, about Mercenaries — some thoughts in general and first impressions about some of them in particular below.

First of all, a common theme is a lot of craziness with bench-jumping, role manipulation and all that. Unless it turns out completely impractical with the current implementation, this could change the way the game is played completely, and PvP in particular might become just… totally haphazard (and I’m a bit cautious about that, Maestra already being a very bad asset in that regard). Besides, some of the new abilities have the potential, at least in theory, to just trivialise some bosses (think Malchezaar against caster bosses or Tess stealing something big… Even Medivh could impact things).

Now, about some other mercs or tribes in particular.

Ysera? Yes! Not only is she a cool character as a notorious dragon, which would fit well alongside others of her kind, Yu’lon and Brightwing might be happy to see here for some potential big Nature damage with a bit of synergy between them.

Bwonsamdi? No, no, no! Yet another irritating troll, probably with ridiculous voice lines and overpowered Shadow abilities: that first one — what? 28 damage? That alone is quite… concerning in terms of balance. Or another one — take no damage? Really? Are we literally being trolled here with this merc overall?

Big upgrades for the Fel and Demon tribes, which were a bit awkward and hard to use (that synergy between Rathorian and Mannoroth was just not enough), — we’ll see if they become a thing, especially in PvE.

Medivh as an Arcane protector? Oh, yes, and with some crazy abilities, too. Khadgar looks a bit too slow, but could do some things with that Blizzard, for instance, in a Frost party.

A legendary murloc, and a protector — another one — at that? Yes, please! His abilities look a bit slow, but maybe he could be played for fun with other Murlocs.

There are a few notorious others… Don’t know how I feel about the likes of Korrak or Nemsy (wasn’t she supposed to be a warlock, by the way, instead being more of a Nature gardener… of a sort?), and Genn is definitely a unique one.

Now, to a less pleasant matter. We’re getting 4 legendary mercs, 4 epic ones and 6 rare ones — and no event or free ones, as far as I can see, compared to the previous big drop in 23.4, which contained 3 legendaries that you had to open from packs or craft (plus free Tyrael and those Old Gods who could be obtained through events), 8 epics and 5 rares. So, once again, as noted previously [1] , we see a tendency for increasing the amount of packs required to get all the mercs (legendary ones are the bottleneck here), don’t we? Looks like I might, for instance, blow some of that accumulated gold on packs.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esdopSe0OOc

[UPD] Another thing. ‘We are also adding five new Bounties to the Felwood Zone, and 3 more new Bounties to the Blackrock Mountain Zone’. Felwood? Alright, maybe there’ll be an incentive to play with Kurtrus, who shines in the zone on those maps with a lot of demons, again, but as for Blackrock — haven’t we already got quite many bounties there? Well, maybe there’s still space on that last page, and it’s only 3 of them…

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I’m guessing PST? I’m EST so this will be a long wait…

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10 am PST is the usual time, yes.

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Damn. So that’s the content the runestones provided for BG. 1 Map and 1 returned hero. Guess you need some more money to hire more content creators.

another patch another day without reverting away from the pay to win in BGs. oh well guess time goes on with the game uninstalled. that being said id love to come back and play. but i am many others refuse till you take the P2W out of BGs

So going to update the Amazon app store… or is it just me?!

Imagine taking your car in to have a flat tire fixed and all they do is paint the car and ask you to pay them for it.

That’s what these recent patches have felt like.

Please adress the wild quest mages issue we really could use a nerf on Grey Sage Parrot => Repeat the last spell you casted that costs 6 or more.

Infinite turns on turn 5-6 is zero fun and zero interction possible vs quest mages.

A thank you from us competitive wild players when this needed change is made.