Mercenaries: Ysera's Verdant Breath is a problem

So here I was, excited about a new pretty mercenary and the potential for a new kind of dragon team, as described there… Finally got to test it — and what do you know? Even if only one of your other dragons is damaged, the healing effect can go completely amiss — targetting a healthy one, ruining your strategy (‘Not quite what was planned!’) and likely your team without that much needed healing. ‘This is not what we stood for!’ Come on, developers, you’re killing the dream… in different senses, if you will. Something needs to be done about that…

What’s more, maybe the ability should be buffed or reworked a little bit, so that Ysera can become a more reliable healer for a dragon team (come to think of it, restoring health to the dragon with the lowest wouldn’t be that bad, for example), although that’s a different question. So far, however, there’s no ‘Nature Dragon’ team, no big use for Yu’lon’s Serpent Pendant, instead of her usual equipment, in a dragon-themed party, no play with the Dreamer for us — we’re stuck with the old dragon team centered around Yu’lon with the Pearl, Sinestra with the Mana Brooch as the healer and the rest of them, depending on a particular composition.

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Should work exactly as Anduin’s spell that heals a wounded Human, and then it would be awesome.

Yep, thats’s true — this analogy is also mentioned in the big bug collection linked above: