Mercenaries: Khadgar Tasks Bugged

Working On Completion for Hearthstone. and while starting and doing mercenaries now that it wont have additional things added. I have found that some characters have issues with reading task completions ((Khadgar being my Primary issue)) Task 8: Deal 250 Arcane Damage. I did a millhouse + cookie set up too get too 80 Arcane Damage per hit, filled opponent board with swordfish and then did arcane explosion ((which was 80dmg x 6 enemies which would be 320 damage)) and it didnt complete. I also tried triple golden monkey from elise, too empower khadgars arcane shot too deal 374 dmg ((4 monkey setup)) and it STILL didnā€™t complete even when khadgar did the 250 arcane damage so I came here. I know its not getting extra things but I hope theres still bug and technical support for the game mode.

Hello! The abilities must be un-upgraded in order to count for the task completion. Yes, this is a bug. You may find these other posts helpful, as the same thing happens for other tasks as well.