Mercenaries - Khadgar task progress bug

I was doing my merc tasks and after I returned to my phone (which has lost connection and I had to reconnect to internet), my all tasks were progressing as they should, except for Khadgar’s. The progress stopped on task 8 where I have to deal 250 arcane damage. During the game it became stuck, I have dealt 14/250 arcane damage but since then (has been about 3 weeks now) it just won’t progress further. I tried arcane team comp to deal as much arcane damage from other sources than Khadgar and still nothing. I am aware the Khadgar’s upgraded ability doesn’t deal arcane damage, but even after I have dealt at least 1000+ damage with the base abillity (Arcane Surge), still nothing.

I have written a ticket to support and they redirected me here. Hope someone will help me, beacuse it is very annoying and I would like to finish Khadgar’s task to upgrad him further, packs etc.

Thanks in advance for any tips and help.

Try dealing the damage with Khadgar himself. I did it using a team of Cookie, Milhouse (mana rod equipment) and Khadgar in a fight with Razormane Battleguard, often the first encounter in the Ferocious Quilboar bounty. They don’t do anything except heal themselves every turn, so you don’t have to kill them, and they’ll take double damage from Khadgar because they’re red. You can just summon fish with Cookie and kill the fish with Milhouse’s Arcane Bolt until Khadgar’s Arcane Surge does 60ish damage and use that to kill the Razormanes. I’ve heard that the task won’t progress if you use Khadgar to kill Cookie’s fish, so I didn’t try that.

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Thank you much for reply - I have tried these many times and it just won’t work… I tried dealing the damage with Khadgar himself, with the team… nothing will progress the task :confused:

For tasks 8 and 9, the abilities that deal the damage must not be upgraded. I had this problem too and the forum community was helpful in resolving it.

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