Mercenaries Quest khadgar task 8

Quest can’t not be completed no matter what kind of damage (including arcane) is done during a dungeon run. Please fix.

I went until Khadgar task 14 and stuck there (give 140 life or attack to allies), tried all ways (more than 140 life in the same fight by Khadgar using his third ability), didn’t worked. Can you please check ?

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have the same problem - somehow managed to count 28 damage thou

Hey. Had the same issue. It worked for me with Khadgar not having a trinket equipped.

Few things to keep track of: I don’t know if this is the intended requirements, but I’ve found that 1: the arcane damage has to be done by Khadgar himself, and 2: it has to be his normal arcane attack, not the upgraded version. Same with the health/attack boosting task. It has to be the NON-upgraded version of that ability. Hope this helps.


Thanks, was unable to progress this task until I read this!

So task 8 is really “Deal 250 damage with non-upgraded Arcane Surge”.