Mercenaries – What’s Next

Mercenaries – What’s Next

Come learn about the Mercenaries launch and future plans.

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Neato, i admit i’ll take it with a grain of salt, but read it through!

Not sure if these will be seen but I’ll try my luck.

Player friendly ideas
o New building, the refinery. You now have a chance to get normal and prismatic ore packs that be refined into coins over time for a hero of your choice.

Prismatic coins can be used on any hero you want, past or present, while normal ore packs give extra coins for up to 3 mercs a day at 100 coins per merc per 10 hrs. Whales could purchase a fast smithing pack to smelt their first two sets of coins instantly if you need monetization as incentive to give f2p perks for a trade I guess.

This could let players target mercs they want to train, and make coins more targetable. You could obtain ore packs by doing bounties and opening packs as a replacement or to come in bundle with portraits for less #feelsbad and more feel good pack opening as every pack would be useful. The building would not need hearthstone gold to upgrade, but open up after 2-4 merc packs OR 20 heroic bounties were completed instead of the 200-400 gold.

In addition, prismatic coins usable on any hero could now drop in bounties and packs, giving players more agency.

As a whale money dump, maybe players could dump +1000 coins for a +1/3 on merc attack/ hp and +1 to merc damage and healing. And 2000 coins for the second +1/1 and +1 ability power. More of a cash dump I guess. Prices could be cheaper. Or the cost go down like ‘xp’ where it could get discounted for each victory with the merc.

Idk just ideas to balance f2p and p2p interests with targetting coins, but I know any changes are made with monetization metric in design so I don’t really want p2w but if it helps you give everyone something for some monetization methods or better packs, why not.


I highly doubt anyone from Blizzard will see this but just in case…

With regards to “fixing” the packs… in the first pack I ever opened I got a Mercenary, Hooray!.. but in the 2nd pack I ever opened what did I get?? A PORTRAIT of the Mercenary I got in the first pack… whaaaaat??? lol

THAT is a very broken system… FYI :wink:


I doubt this is the best place to ask, but are Legendary difficulty bounties still in the plans? Haven’t heard anything about them since the announcement video. Would be really upsetting if they abandoned this

This is a much better business strategy than what you’ve come up with in the past.

Sure it’s designed to greatly increase reported numbers by just getting players to log into the other game for the rewards. But it’s actual player content that hopefully players will enjoy doing. It’s a win win for both the company and the players.

So please stop putting incredible mounts in the WoW game store for just cash. Put them in game behind fun content. Even if it’s in Hearthstone content.

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Why not a single word about excess coins for already maxed mercenaries?
Can you imagine, how horrible this is, when you try to farm legendary coins and all you get after bounty is a bounch of rare coins for a merc you’ve already maxed out?


That’s the main thing people want that I hear about, what do I do with the hundreds or thousands of extra coins I have for specific mercs, and especially since I get those extra coins from packs I’m opening.


Thank you for the update and responses to most of the community’s concerns. Much appreciated. :blush:

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So no news on what to do with the coins you still receive at random for maxed out mercs? They just go to waste as of now, rendering some packs/bounty rewards useless if you already maxed those mercs. It’s just punishing hard work right now, and it’s not even mentioned here…


So what’s this about taking suggestions for other buildings or systems. I have been ignored by your staff all month and was blocked on twitter for doing that. There is no one on discord who has any connection to you. “We will look forward to suggestions” then you block all forms to contact you. I mean its smart, you pretend you want to listen all while not having to waste your valuable time actually listening.


I’m enjoying mercenaries. It needs a more dynamic pvp setup, I can play arena, wild standard, duels… with my cards but with my mercs my only pvp option is the pit, when will more engaging pvp options come into the game? I’m not really into pve

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I was a fool. I bought the welcome pack. Fair game. But I wasted my 3K gold in Mercenary packs before I ended the tutorial. The packs were good only for Mercenaries, no real cards useable elsewhere, barely any characters, and lot of ENERGY. The curse “energy” that are the bane of so many mobile “games” that I gave up in disgust.

Gimme my 3K gold back at the very least… :confounded:

Why did you think the cards would be good elsewhere? This is a separate game mode and was always described as such?


I really hope they make it where before you hit ready you could still arrange and switch mercinaries before you hit ready, what is the point of the ready button? You can’t change anything after you have dropped them into position so? Why not let us pick up a merc we may have dropped on accident or you didn’t put Cornelius in the middle to heal both neighbors. I don’t get the big deal on that one really angers me sometimes


As for the extra coins we get for the mercenaries that are maxed, I think it would be amazing if we could get special cosmetics with them.

Like a Special Diamond Portrait of Blink Fox for 10,000 Blink Fox coins.

And then, after we get the portrait which means a lot of work into Blink Fox, instead of getting more Blink Fox coins, we are given coins from another random character whose Special Diamond Portrait hasn’t been achieved.

It would be a long way until we get to get coins for mercenaries which haven’t been maxed, but I think in the long run it would be great to show how special a certain mercenary is for a player.


The post is looking good. Lets hope things go the way they should, instead of it being another smoke screen.

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What makes you think over time a character will stay maxed out?? If this node is in for the long run I am more than sure the lvl 30 cap will be lifted , first to 40-50 then after awhile another update up to lvl 85-80. It’s a wow based game and that’s what they did with wow. Calm your jets brother

I’d be willing to bet that they will add portraits you can unlock with coins to address the overloading of coins some people are experiencing.

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For future holidays why not holiday bounties and exclusive portraits? Or maybe even a Holiday Exclusive Merc? Getting Headless Horseman as a merc be epic


The biggest concern is the extra coins you get for mercenaries that are already maxed out. Its a big smack in my face when I spend hard earned cash on buying packs and get coins that I dont need. This is horrible customer care for us that are trying to enjoy and play your game. Seems you just care about how you can max your spendings instead of making it rewarding for us. like yesterday with the new release of mercenaries, I buy alot of new packs and get 90% coins I dont need, this is getting on my nerves and need to be fixed before everything else and also come up with a solution that rewards us that already paid alot of money for nothing!