Meet the Mercenaries

Meet the Mercenaries

Learn the stories of the ten mercenaries featured in Year of the Gryphon.

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When does the actual rogue-like solo come out? I was thinking it was opening today :frowning:


So I am confused. Is Varden Dawngrasp male or female. The description refers to neither, and the pronouns used to describe the character don’t give us any clue - just using they or their (which reads like they are more than one person) which is very confusing. All other mercenaries refer to he/she. Can anyone clarify?


They’re non-binary! They use They/Them pronouns


I was thinking the same thing… :frowning_face:

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I don’t know why you would assume that as nothing had been announced in regards to the new Mercinaries mode except that it is in development.

“Varden Dawngrasp is the first confirmed non-binary character to be introduced to the Warcraft franchise.“
It says this on the hearthstone wiki, I haven’t seen any official announcements, but I think it’s fair to assume it’s correct based on the pronouns

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I wish these characters were in WoW.
Then again, I kinda feel like throwing them into that would be a discredit to these fun, archetypal heroes.

Cariel reminds me of my paladin, so I am biased towards her.


This make things too hard for foreigners or anyone that don’t have english as primary language.

They/them confuse the hell lot of people that have english as secondary language (and worse for blind people). If you use plural, everyone will think that it’s more than 1 person, so naturally that Varden Dawngrasp have a twin brother, split personality or that he is like Sakon/Ukon from Naruto, where one brother lives inside the body of the other brother.

This REALLY hurts accessibility for people without English as natural language and worse for Blind people that depends on software to read text for them, as they will never know the text is talking about a single individual.

They need to find something else to use as pronouns instead of plural, it’s too confusing.


“They/them” pronouns are commonly used to refer to an individual in a wide variety of situations, in addition to non-binary gender. Ever caught yourself referring to someone you haven’t met? “Oh, they left their bag behind” or “I can’t believe they’re still playing Big Priest”. I don’t often see these people you mention getting confused when the pronouns are used in these scenarios, so I find it hard to see why it become for difficult when referring to Varden Dawngrasp?


I am English and when I read the description I thought maybe ‘they’ have multiple personalities. When you look at Varden’s description compared to all of the other characters who use he/she - it isn’t a natural jump to think - oh they must be non-binary, because it isn’t a common, well-known concept (yet) amongst the general population. I can well believe it would be confusing for people who’s first language isn’t English, if it confuses people who’s first language is English.


Where…? I never saw this and this is not what is taught on schools. I never saw it being used to refer to an individual.

English is not my native language. They/them is always taught as a plural-only pronoun.

Look at yourdictionary. com for reference:

“Pronouns That Are Always Plural”

  • possessive pronoun - our, their, theirs

  • subject pronoun - we, they

  • object pronoun - us, them

No. I never used plural-only pronous to refer a single individual.

Maybe English is your native language and that’s why you have zero problems with it…? It’s specially problematic for translations works, where you often does not have context to know if the text is referencing a group of people or a single individual.

I can tell you it’s really hard to read text in english where plural and singular pronouns are not respected not being a native english speaker.


It’s not uncommon in English. “They” is often considered a gender-neutral term, which is part of why it is used as a plural. “They” can refer to a group of people without it specifically being a group of men/boys or women/girls.

Person A: “Have you seen our new supervisor?”
Person B: “No, I haven’t met them yet.”

In this context, Person B does not know the gender of the individual in question, so Person B uses the gender-neutral “them” rather than assuming the individual is male or female. Based on context, we are able to determine that Person B is referring to 1 person rather than multiple people.


So I am slightly confused: When the Year of the Gryphon was announced - the Mercenary Mode was introduced and appeared as a map where you get to choose different mercenaries. Many people were comparing it to ‘Slay the Spire’ etc.

I played it today and it seems identical to Book Of Heroes playstyle except you get to choose a different Hero Power. Am I missing something? Is this like an introductory mode to meet the mercenaries and get a back story - and we have to wait until all of them are released to play the proper mode?

Edit: Re-read original post. Book of Mercenaries is in addition to the Mercenaries play mode. It is giving us back stories for each character.


book of merceneries is not merceneries mode)


i like how the demon hunter dude is barely wearing anything while female characters keep getting censored like nuns


You can’t understand how one could mistake one piece of content with another, when both are named Mercenaries? For real?


not in china


At least one Hearthstone developer is transgender, as well as one of the top players. Varden seems to also be transgender, and I’m guessing Varden can magically switch from one gender to another. I wish people would figure out a different pronoun for a person who doesn’t like he or she. They or them are plural pronouns, not singular. I know I sound like an English teacher, but it bugs me.

About the clothing issue, I don’t care for it. Plenty of manservice, not enough fanservice. Is it too late to replace one of the mercenaries with A.F. Kay?


you mean the manservice they are already censoring while keeping all the bare chest men?