Meet the Mercenaries

If you think the men are being censored in some way, this may not be the game for you.


Why have they broken Spanish European language with that translation?
The American Spanish is fine.

men not but women since only male skin is allowed

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Do you want to tell Varden they’re doing it wrong? :wink:


It would be nice, but only if they actually use the Hearthstone voice actors. It was disappointing running into the League of Explorers in Mechagon and having them sound like generic human male/night elf female/murloc.


Add a dam Murloc ;( for the community!!


Sex and gender are different.

Not really

The best you can say is that gender is “what is considered masculine / feminine”

For example in Scotland (I think) it is masculine to wear a kilt…in the US it is not.

So a kilt has a “masculine” gender associated with it in Scotland but not in the US.

But even that is still binary…since its one or the other. There is still no third gender in that case either.


Wait…did my post just get reported?

All I said was that biologically speaking there is no third gender…I mean you can disagree with that (and I believe you would be wrong) but what is offensive about stating what can be found in a 3rd grade science textbook?


Ngl, Guff is kinda hot…


They/them is also singular. “Steve is here” “Oh? What are they doing here?”


Gender and sex are two different things. Biology doesn’t change the fact that gender isn’t about what is in your pants!

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It seems we are alone here. Im comunist and It is disgusting to see how they are dropping science for propaganda agenda . It’s even machist, a warrior woman card cant just be a woman, no. We are facing here a new religion from the new “left” anticommunist. It’s all part of the capitalist world to keep the left desactivated.

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I thought this forums can’t surprise me any more. I stand corrected.

Gender is not a biological thing in the way many people refer to themselves as her, she or they. It looks like you’re confusing it with sex, or objecting to the way people use the word gender.


In response to the people complaining/confused about the use of ‘they’:

Sweden has a third word ‘hen’ as a nongendered pronoun invented to go along with the gendered terms hon and han. As convenient as that sounds, it has always faced criticism from all angles, with people attacking the grammar, legitimacy, and more. Despite that, people have suggested or used english alternatives but I’ve personally seen them ridiculed for their attempts. Now if you’re discussing this, you really need to be aware that it regards non-binary people in particular, who are at extreme risk of suicide. They are already fighting an uphill battle to live their lives without being mocked or undermined like people are doing in this thread. Perhaps you can see why they, or people talking about them, would rather just use a safe enough word like ‘they’. Imagine how much more unkind the comments in this thread would be if Blizzard decided to be bold and use the word ‘ze’. Meanwhile, they is in the Merriam-Webster specifically as a gender-neutral pronoun as of 2019.


Where did you find percentage of non-binary persons between the blood elves?

You are misleading people with your delusions. Here on the forum, there are young people and people who study at school. There are only two sexes in the world. Man and woman. Everything else is propaganda and rubbish that nobody cares about. You cannot mislead people. Other genders do not exist. There are male and female sex!

Woman and man rule this world !!

  1. Intersex people are not that common

  2. You don’t base convention on the exceptions. I.e. we say humans have 2 arms even though some are born without arms because that is an EXCEPTION not the rule

  3. You would classify them by their chromosomes. XX vs XY decides male and female.


Varden isn’t a ‘third’ gender. Just like my best friend irl, they reject the idea of gendered words for themself. It’s pretty simple, makes them both happy, and is of no harm to anyone.

Check out Varden Dawngrasp’s flavour text which illustrates this:

Varden Dawngrasp could wield fire, summon hailstorms, and morph a night elf into a sheep with a snap of their fingers. Knowing how malleable reality could be, certain labels felt downright trivial.