[Main Thread] Hearthstone - Can't connect/Login on Android

This patch broke the game for me. OnePlus 6, T-Mobile. Can’t log in using mobile data. Logs in via WiFi only. Can’t play on mobile data at all. If I turn off WiFi while in game I’m losing connection to the server. It’s unplayable on the go anymore. Same with WOW Companion app which is going for months now.

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Same for me on Galaxy S10, incapable of moving past load screen.

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Same for me on Galaxy Note9. Leave it to Blizzard, every patch they screw up the mobile playing.

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Is there any update? From what I’ve read, which applies to me, ppl with Android’s on T-Mobile service are having issues. I can’t imagine T-Mobile customer service could help with a gaming app.

Hey, not sure if you found your own work around or not. I did a bunch of digging in forums and tried various things that wasn’t working for me. I am using a Oneplus 7 Pro with Android 10 with TMobile. I went into network settings and added a new APN. Google ‘TMobile epc apn’ and you’ll find those steps and related info. Worked for me!

Mobil login broken after downloading patch yesterday… Samsung S9+ with Sprint.

Switching APN to epc did help me. So who’s to blame, Blizzard or T-Mobile?

UPD: Just installed software update from OnePlus. It wasn’t available yesterday. Now it let’s me in game without switching APN or anything of the kind. But. Takes 2-3 minutes for the app to get me through the Hearthstone logo and into the play lobby. Mobile data speed is fine, just checked.

UPD2: after several hours stopped working on APN fast.t-mobile Still works on epc.tmobile APN

Still having issues logging in even after patch. Stuck on loading screen. I have galaxy note 10 and updated android os. Will let me connect via wifi, and vpn, but not through my data. Why is that?

I’m having the exact same issue its fustrating

Have they fixed this? I’m experiencing the same issues with no resolution.

Hey folks,

If you are still having this problem, please post the model of your device and the version of Android OS you’re on.

Galaxy Note 10+
Android 10

OnePlus 6
Android 10 OxygenOS 10.3.3

OnePlus 7T Pro 5G
Android 10.0.34.HD61CB
Upstate SC. It is possible that certain regional cell towers have different infrastructure that is conflicting with a change you had made in the update. Did you guys make any firewall updates?

Android S10E
OS: Android 10

I was not having problems before the last patch, then I come here to find out people who were having this nasty problem got fixed as mine got broken by your last patch… My setup Samsung s10+ android 10, ui 2.1

Android Samsung Note 10+

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the newest version and still can’t get passed the tavern doors. The game will run on wifi, just not on mobile data.

Curious fact, my game won’t run on mobil data but will hotspot for a tablet with the game and it will run.

Samsung Note 9
Fully up to date on OS
Have uninstalled and reinstalled. Only way i can play is wifi or 3G can’t use LTE to play. 3G is to slow for BG though.

Samsung Galaxy S9, Current OS.

Have tried clearing cache and reinstalling, without any luck. The weird part is I can actually play the new player tutorial just fine after reinstall, but as soon as I try to login it gets stuck looking at tavern doors.