Lost 11,000 arcane dust for nothing

I tried to use arcane dust to purchase the lorekeeper polkelt legendary card and then I lost all of my 11,000 arcane dust and I didn’t even get the card. This is a huge bummer… I really hope I can get all that arcane dust back.


Same issue with me. I hope dev team solve this ASAP.


I still had 3k of Arcane Dust to spend but the game prevent me to use it with some error message. Then I tried to restart the game and all the Dust was disappeared.

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Same. I tried to buy, error, restart, arcane dust bye bye.

It is good to know they are aware about the situation. Well, let’s just wait it for now.

I got around 3000 free dust yesterday for this reason and used it to make a deck. After this I had maybe a few hundred dust left. Not long after I got the new mini expansion (which I bought with gold I’ve been saving for a few months now) and dusted basically everything which gave me another 3000ish dust. Now I log onto hearthstone and all of my dust is gone. Are you planning on refunding this amount?

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If you get 3000 dust by mistake , they remove it from you . If you dont have dust at the moment they remove it you go minus -3000 dust.
So probabily you first was awarded dust by mistake , and after they removed the dust you gained with miniset.

Not a problem to me if they set some Dust negative value for now, at least I completed my Ashes of Outland collection with that issue, lol

Lucky situation, I think.

Blizzard being Blizzard again. They make a mistake and punish the players for it.


they suck as a company that’s why they went bankrupt


It’s terrible. As soon as I went online, all my dust disappeared.I don’t even trust this game anymore.


The same has happened to me and worse, yesterday I discarded cards including golden legendary and today I appear without dust. And about the supposed bug of the repeated golden cards. It is a shame because I have been playing for more than 8 years and I had an infinity of gold cards that could not be discarded and I only received 2000 powders in that. so pls fix the problem.
It is very annoying since I have paid for many adventures, expansions and mega packs in all these years.

I don’t think they’re doing that.
I spent around 8k dust yesterday and had 400ish left. When I opened the game today I had 0 dust, but not a negative balance. So yeah they’ll take all ur dust till u have 0.

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it was said in a twitter by HS staff member

and was done in the past with gold.

Is possibile they have reset to 0 , have the rest of what missing , and remove when they make the decision on what to do.
Its not confirmed client can show negative dust value , it can show negative gold values ( used for refund ) so is possibile they need to patch client before go negative.

Or mb its a server side thing that client cant show , is your 0 dust a true 0 dust , or if you make new dust you stay at 0 till a positive number ?
edit: If you make new dust client will show it , you must restart client to check if you are back to 0.

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I’ll test it in one minute. But I don’t think they can simply make players have negative dust for a mistake made by THEM.
I logged in, saw that they gave away free dust and I spent it. If it was their mistake, I don’t have anything to do with that. I cannot be penalized for a mistake that I >>did not<< make.

Just tested it and no I don’t have negative dust.

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I am having the same issue. I had logged in yesterday and saw that all my dust was gone and down to 195 when I remember the night before I had some 2800.

You have dust now? Have at least 5 dust?

It’s obvious you’re unethical…

Yeh I lost all of my dust for absolutely no reason