Lost 11,000 arcane dust for nothing

I had 9400 two days ago, granted from 2x 4400 grants plus an initial 600 I had previously. Today I have 600. I didn’t craft anything. It looks like if you spent it, you benefited, and if you did not, it disappeared?

I am so upset , I wish I used my Arcan dust but was saving it for something special , and then I see I was awarded 5600! and thought Awesome. Just to find out , the system stole! my already present 9400 down to 218??? and when I put a ticket in , I get this ?? I would have felt better if you said , "Hey we are going to do a game reset, so you have till this date to use what you have or lose it! "

Like most here, we don’t expect hick ups like this so we seldom screen shot our accounts , there is no cloud data base set up for us to upload our account too.

I simply want my cards and stuff back!! Instead of hearing nothing and they now can’t verify what we had??

Besides being super negative here, I guess it was a good attempt to fix other peoples issues but seriously, you could do a beta test!!! before launching it! ??

tbh what annoys me the most is the people that crafted cards with their dust windfall whining about the fact the gifted dust was taken away , leaving them at zero but the reality is that for many the amount taken back was less than they spent…you profited greatly and you still complain? Sounds like you need more ethics, not more dust. Spare a thought for those that didn’t spend any dust before it was retracted…they gained no benefit at all and in fact it appears they may have actually lost some of their own dust & cards. This dust mistake was a big error and unfortunately Blizzard have not corrected the mistake fairly - all dust transactions should have been reversed (crafted cards disenchanted & disenchanted cards reinstated) before they did the dust recall. Or else they could have been generous and put player goodwill ahead of profit and individually gifted all active HS players the appropriate amount of dust so that all active players got the same amount of gifted dust