[IOS] - Go to store pop up after opening game

After updating the app when opening it, it says, “go to store to download game”. I have already downloaded the patch so now there is no way to access hearthstone.

Same issue here. iPad Pro 9.7

same here, ipad air 2 ios 13.3.1, wtf blizzard? Wtf

Same thing. Every time iOS version is lagged than PC version for patch. If possible, please make it quicker.

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Same Moto e5 plus, after updating it crashes after saloon doors right as the icons on the top right n left appear…I have tried uninstalling reinsinstakin once already, guess I’ll try again sigh

Same problem. IPhone 7. Any fix yet?

I’m having the same problem and I’ve reinstalled and deleted my cache. It’s kind of ridiculous as I’ve never had issues with updates prior to this

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Same issue here - takes me back to the App Store every time, but it’s already been updated.

Same problem on Ipad and Iphone as well. This is just annoying being force to go to the app store for nothing.

Hey all,

Thank you for the reports. So far it looks like the most common fix is reinstalling Hearthstone. All account data is stored on the Blizzard account so be sure to log back in with your same email after doing this!

If reinstalling does not help, please let us know.

i reinstalled last night and it worked this morning when i played for a bit but after noon today its doing the same thing, telling me to go to the store for download

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Reinstalling works, for 1 use of the app. Then, I assume the faulty data is stored locally again, and its back to the store loop.

I have uninstalled reinstalled three times now still doesn’t work since this last patch

This thread is specifically for iOS devices. If you are experiencing this problem on an Android device, please check out the main thread for freezing/crashing after the 16.4 update.

For those on iOS devices, we are aware of an issue with the endless update loop occuring with the 16.4 update.

This should be resolved fully, but if you are experiencing the issue on an iOS device, please try reinstalling the game. If you are still experiencing this issue, please let us know what the iOS device.

Having the same issue on Ipad3 ios 9.3.6.
Reinstalled the App 7 times.
It is still sending me into the same “Let’s go to the store” loop

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