iOS Crash after patch


This is puzzling to me as well. Just so disappointed. It looked amazing when they fixed it now it’s back to the ugly borders.


Same here! Maybe if enough of us complain, they will fix it quickly. Very disappointed!


This is affecting me too. Incredibly annoying. How could either Apple or Blizzard let this happen?


Won’t be purchasing anything from this game until they fix this issue. What a complete letdown.


Same, not purchasing any packs until this is fixed. How can you have it working then remove it


Hey all,

Just wanted to jump in here and say that our Hearthstone team is aware that this issue was fixed and then reverted with patch 14.0

They will be working to get it fixed once more but it may take a bit of time due to the nature of the issue that caused it to show up again. We do not have any additional information to share at this time, but know that it is on their radar.

Thanks for the reports!

iPad Pro screen optimalization

Thank you for the response. I appreciate it


Could you keep us updated on the time frame. It a real bummer to have this happen right before the release of a new expansion.


Yeah, puts a damper on my excitement for tomorrow:(


When you fix it I will buy the new iPad Pro!


Thank you for the update


Same issue here :(((


Thanks for the confirmation. Would you please update the thread when the team has more to share with regards to a fix timeframe?


This is so frustrating and upsetting!! :frowning: How much longer before the issue is fixed?


When is this going to be resolved? Answers would be nice.


It’s been over a months now and blizzard still haven’t figured this out yet? This shouldn’t be that big a problem since they already changed the resolution for everything. Is that they just haven’t noticed the problem?


What is holding them back?


Hey Devs, just a bump to remind everyone that this is still not fixed and it’s embarrassing I think.


Been 3 weeks since I chimed in…

Really would be great, and reasonable, to have some communication from the Hearthstone team now at this point so we all at least have an expectation.

This is very disappointing for such a major issue like this to have gone on so long, and without any updates :frowning:

And as other people pointed out, and I fully agree, it’s really a bad look for this to be RE-broken right at the beginning of a brand new set and whole new Hearthstone Year of the Dragon :frowning:



It’s a frustrating and inconvenient issue for everyone who play on iPad Pro’s regularly and our team is aware. We have replicated the problem on our end and know what the issue is.

It’s a fairly complex as it has to do with the fix for the iOS crashes earlier this year. In order to fix this issue, our team needs to address both issues for the crashes and resolution issues for iPad Pros, which will take a bit of time to do.

As it stands right now, there is no ETA on a resolution as it is not expected to be resolved as quickly as we hope in these situations due to the complexity of the issue.

All of your patience, understanding, and reports are appreciated. I hope we’ll have an update on this soon, thank you all!