Introducing the Core Set and Classic Format

Introducing the Core Set and Classic Format

Set rotation brings a whole new format, along with major changes for Standard and Wild!

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Such greed. How to find a way to make sure we do not get any dust :joy::joy::joy: #Activision


So, if we disenchant all cards in the core set before rotation, we still get them back for free?


In before mindless hate (Bwaaahhh!!! only 27 deck slots?, Blizzard so greedy).

In all seriousness, love this new changes, i hope is like rediscovering HS all over again or at least the experience feels fresh. No doubt there will be broken things at first, but i’m confident that they will fix any issues as soon as they can.


Love these new changes!!
Great way to shape the meta each year, and keep things fresh and exciting.
Owning the full Classic set is still useful for the new Classic format and Wild!

Never experienced 2014 HS, but here we gooooooo


who plays Classic
Worst idea ever
please dont make weekly quest : 5 wins in classic


Finally, a mode where I don’t have to play against Demon Hunter. Thanks Team 5!

Seriously though, these are some great changes that’ll keep the game fresh going forward.


Looks like a very good change for F2P players.


Bro why not? Great way to replay the og decks lol, wow did the same thing and it went pretty well


Whizbang has to be a core card


The way I see it, yes and no. Yes, you’ll get the card for free, no, you’ll lose it again when that card rotates out of the core set and is replaced by another one.


It feels like a scam for the people that own most of the classic cards.

No only there’s no refund or dust substitute to craft new cards for the evergreen set I paid for, as it’s suddenly no longer playable in standard contrary to what was promised, but there also won’t be any dust this year from the HoF.


It’s not like nerfing cards or removing cards in the form of hall of fame. They are replacing cards with new and old cards, so you don’t lose anything. I don’t see why they should give us dust.


If you add Whizbang into this Core set, these changed would be nice


You get an entire core set for free. How is this greed?


If they want to give other free stuff it’s great, and they can do whatever they wish. But if they suddenly remove classic I need the ability to craft the equivalent value of standard valid cards I owned previously and invested money and gold in to be on an even footing.


Classic feels so good, just 1 questions, will we be able to buy naxxramas and blackrock mountain for 700gold/wing again so that we can use them in the classic set becaurse some cards are really good from these solo adventures but cost really much to craft?

Anyway, the changes make my really axited about the future of the game, good work:)


This is all REALLY REALLY exciting news! I’m really happy and relieved and seriously looking forward to seeing all these changes come to pass!
For me, the deck slots issue has been huge, as I play both Standard and Wild and constantly have to delete decks to make space for new ones. 27 slots sounds like it will be an enormous improvement.
The new Classic format sounds very exciting. I can’t wait to try it out, even though I was a super noob in 2014 who only played homebrew decks and was constantly beaten by people who had meta decks! I actually have a lot of the cards for those decks now. I could probably even play the Control Warrior of old, which back then seemed completely unattainable due to the huge dust cost. The Classic format will also make it feel like it wasn’t a waste of time and effort to collect those original cards which either rotated to Wild or went to Hall of Fame (and are unfortunately mostly useless in the current Wild meta). I do wish that Naxxramas and Goblins vs. Gnomes had been included in the Classic format, because there is a lot of nostalgia for me when it comes to those expansions and they coincide more with when I started playing, but I’m not complaining! As you said in your post, you will consider adding expansions in the future, and I think the Classic format will still be fun even without the first two expansions.
The new Core set sounds very exciting. I can’t wait to see how things have changed. I am especially happy because this will be such a huge improvement for new players. I sometimes visit new players’ streams on Twitch and it is so sad to see them using Basic cards vs. meta decks on ladder and having no idea how to win. At least, with a new Core set (and presumably new basic decks), they will stand more of a chance against experienced players.


It is kind of a bait and switch. The replacement card is not the one you crafted, under the pretense that it would be available forever.