Introducing a New Game Mode: Hearthstone Duels!

Not all wild cards are used in Duel mode.
Where I can find the complete list of “Duel” cards?
Or where I can find a list of unused Duel cards?

I know I can’t get early acces to it with gold. That’s why I asked “why”.

Still no tournament mode. Between this and autochess, team 5 seems really fel bent on giving people stuff they DIDN’T ask for, and not giving people stuff they did.

And before the usual excuses/defenders, etc come rolling around, remember, all we ever got was some bogus excuses about why tournament mode wasn’t coming, why it got shelved, and that they were going to ignore it for the rest of time.

And of course, heroic mode costs an entry fee. Because after they cheaped out on giving people the golden cards for monthly wins, gotta find ways to penny pinch at every turn.

But remember folks, it’s not pay to win/play, etc.

Not sure why they are requiring the cards to come from your collection. The PvE dungeon runs didn’t work that way. So if you don’t have cards from Naxx and Kara you’re severely gimped. Yeah, I’ll pass. Chalk me up among the thoroughly disappointed. Off to dust all of my Rumble, Boomsday, and Witchwood cards that I hung onto in April waiting for this “amazing” new mode (which btw doesn’t even use those cards).

Me too.


I hope casual mode can be played in a party


I love the design don’t get me wrong, but needing wild sets that’s i’ve gotten rid of sucks. (Dusting to keep up with rotation) Unless something changes I don’t plan on playing this mode.

Maybe make it to where the wild sets are usuable without needing it in the collection?


Just to confirm, there is no indication that the ‘casual’ mode is going to be taken out, correct? I wish they would do that for arena!

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Couldnt agree with you more ive never heard one person ask for this lol. All ive heard over the years is people wanting a better arena system and I have read people wanted 2 headed giant mode for 2v2 play.

Of course not. You’re a completely different kind of player and don’t associate with people that might like something like this. But I can assure you they do exist. I for one am glad they gave us something cool like that.

I am quite disappointed with this unfortunately. I am sure some people who have spent heaps of money in the game will enjoy this because this comes off very much pay to win, or play from the beginning. What’s a little more disappointing will how this will be what streamers will play since they have huge collections, meanwhile I will never touch this and hence lose my interest in hearthstone even more so.

I understand there is a business side to this in getting people to put money into the game however I feel the reverse will happen, further making larger amount of people ostracised and continue to pull away from the game. This is a game for those already paying to win. I will continue to play battlegrounds exclusively until the new standard set comes out.


Maybe you had no interest in it, but I and many other players really enjoyed the dungeon adventures. And when I first played it in Kobolds, the idea of applying that framework to multiplayer was definitely on my minds. I’m certainly happy to see this as the new game mode. It interests me a lot more than Arena ever has, and a bit more than Battlegrounds.

YES! I was going to post the same thing. Honestly I want to be able to do all the gamemodes vs a specific friend. As long as there’s no actual gain, I don’t see why there can’t be an arena style draft deck vs friends too! And this Duel mode already has a casual mode so why not let us challenge a friend with it? I would LOVE that!!!

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The game mode seems fun, but this is an obvious cash grab. The game mode shouldn’t require cards from your collection.

This is basically wild version 2.0, and between the cost of the mode and the wild cards that will need to be made, it’s potentially too expensive.

To be honest just the price of the package minus the wild card cost is too expensive.


Dungeon run 2.0. Zero rewards , boring and expensive as expected :wink: What a surprise !


I was really excited until I saw that you create your main deck from your card pool.
Blizzard never fail to disappoint. :unamused:


Why do I get a box pop up asking me to pay £35 to access this content?

That is the same cost as Star Wars Squadrons…all you did was take a single player mode that you already had and turn it into a multiplayer mode…how is that a justifiable cost?


It’s frustrating that only pre-orderers can play with the new mode because it seems to work flawlessly. Unfortunately, the game is more of a pay to play model.


Why are people this shortsighted? Wild players have less standard cards, thus have a disadvantage over standard players in standard. But you cry when wild players get an advantage… I simply dont get it.

Dusting the cards have pros and cons. Congratu f lations, you just figured it out.

I’m out, I only ever played standard so whenever cards went to WILD I dusted them now the developers release a mode that uses old sets and you have to own the cards ?

I stopped playing WoW because the game became a second job, and now I’m stopping Hearthstone because an entire game mode that would have been great fun punishes people who only play standard and dust wilds.

Yes I realize dusting my old sets locked me out of wild but honestly I was fine with that now with Hearthstone Duels… nope they could have kept it exactly the same as adventure mode, I hope they make enough money from people buying old sets to offset the people that quit.

TL;DR: No I dont want to buy old packs to play a game mode, so bye.

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i was so excited when i first heard of this new feature but then i saw that requies wild cards and now i’m a bit disappointed.
I don’t feel the need of another cashgrabbing casual mode.
let’s hope blizz will make a standard only version of this in the future