Introducing a New Game Mode: Hearthstone Duels!

Pick a Hero, a Hero Power, a signature Treasure, and battle against other players—Dungeon Run style!

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I really love the idea behind it. I also thought of something like that. There will be all kind of crazy fun stuff going on. Awesome!

But there’s one thing that irritates me a little. Some of the treasures are decreased in power level. Was that really necessary?

And it’s not like they’re on the same power level now. For example from the preview only on turn one an additional mana was already the best option offered but did almost nothing where rush on the first minion played was still almost as good as all friendly minions having rush and crazy good. So… was that really necessary? I guess time will tell. I’m really looking forward trying it out.

I personally just see it as less interesting as it could be with that decrease in power level. After all the opponent also gets their treasure. Was it really too crazy in internal testing? I hope after some time in early-access/beta it will change to the original treasures because it just isn’t as awesome as it could be in my opinion. For the real crazy stuff you still only have the solo Dungeon Run stuff like Tombs of Terror and Dalaran Heist. Speaking of which…

I also loved Anomaly Mode. Will this maybe get added in the future? That would be amazing. Although it might make matchmaking harder as you would need to find people with the same Anomaly. But still, I’d love to see that as well.

Overall just great and way better than I expected. Because it was said that it makes use of your collection many thought it would be a rotating format. This is so much better. Even if not as crazy as it could be this is awesome.


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Seems unfair that wild players will have an advantage over standard players.


Is there a way to play Duels gamemode vs. a specific friend? Similar to how you can challenge a friend to a Tavern Brawl. That would be a great option.


Sounds really fun, but I’m not about to drop $40-$80 going into the holiday season to get it a month or so early. Maybe a gold option next time like with battlegrounds? I’ll hold off but good job team.


Sounds fun, but that price point is waaay too high for that fun.


When will the bundles and early access be available on mobile?

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You said at the live stream that people had asked for this game mode… who??? Who asked for this mode?? Dungeon run was a fail solo adventure mode that has nothing interesting to offer. Why waste time on making it into pvp when you could make a game mode people have actually been asking about since the very beginning of heartstone, I’m obviously talking about a co-op game mode (2v2) I don’t understand this disconnection with your community. All the other news and changes are amazing and you deserve praise for that but the new game mode is so far off the mark and makes no sense at all


I have a question, I noticed that it mentioned that some treasures may require 30 Epics from a given set in your collection to be unlocked. Is to be a typo, because if I assume it’s 30 unique Epics and there aren’t enough Epics in the latest set for example to fulfill that.

I didn’t specifically ask for it but I think it’s awesome. (Much better than something boring like 2v2.)

Couldn’t disagree more. I love it. Maybe not perfect but quite often I replay it because I like it more than normal play. Mostly for the possible craziness with treasures and stuff.

And why do you think your opinion represents that of the entire community? Maybe you’re disconnected from the community? Nah, probably I am. But still, you shouldn’t say it that way. I mean who declared you chief of the entire community? Only you yourself? Cool.


looks like you should of kept a more diversified collection.


lmao, don’t act as if your personal desires represent the community.


Not a fan of this new game mode because of the Wild inclusion :frowning:. The now wild sets were fun, but I dusted those cards just to keep up with how expensive HS is ( if you want to get all the cards in the current sets, keeping in mind I purchase every expansion). That puts a lot of us at a disadvantage.


I was so excited for this up until I realized it would be virtually unplayable for me thanks to its dependence on your collection. Can we please change this? The most enjoyable aspect of Arena and Dungeon Run for me was always that you could build a good deck regardless of your collection size. Hearthstone is already expensive enough as is without me having to maintain a full collection of every single set.


This is ridiculous, you should have either made it only include standard cards or just make it so the player doesn’t need to own the cards themselves in their collection. I dust wild cards, the majority of the player-base probably do too. I’m not going to play a mode where I can’t use half the cards because I don’t own them anymore.


Yes that was a surprise. I’m sure many players have dusted every wild card. Has soured me on duels already. Perhaps it’s intended to encourage more pack buying instead of dusting when new sets come out.


A player shouldn’t be forced to pay 39,99 EUR before using the new mode. It’s not interessting for me that way. Sad.



Sry to say but sounds very boring.
I was hoping to finaly get tournament mode, but I guess it never will come.

Why can’t we access the new mode through Gold?

This game is no longer “F2P”.


You can’t get early access to it with gold. On some day in November, it’ll have a casual mode that’s free and a mode that I assume has rewards that costs 150 gold, same as an arena run.