I can't play Hearthstone (Europe)

Hello! Please read carefully what I am about to write, because it is currently impossible for me to play Hearthstone. Every time I log into the game, it freezes on the initial screen, and I cannot get into the game. Something strange had already happened three weeks ago when the Aisle of Mischievous Toys event started: I couldn’t complete the event quests. Now that the event is over, I can no longer log into the game in the “Europe” region where my entire collection is. Since I have spent quite a bit of money on skins and have achieved hundreds of goals, I do not intend to start over. I have tried every solution, and the problem does not come from my PC, because even when I open the account on another PC, the same thing happens. I deleted the files inside the “%localappdata%/Blizzard/Hearthstone” folder as suggested in the forum, but it did not help. I believe it is necessary for someone to intervene to resolve the issue. Please tell me who I should contact. Thank you. The error is (from italian):
Richiesta di connessione scaduta durante la ricezione di dati dal servizio di Hearthstone. Riavvia Hearthstone per riconnetterti.


Hello, I use a Galaxy J7 core phone and I am facing the same problem. The store does not open. I hope you can help me with this problem. I have done everything I can

I’m having the same problem! I play on the American server, I can’t connect but I can connect to the European server. I have also done all the steps that blizzard support provided and still have not been able to connect to my server. I have also tried using a different network and it doesn’t work either.


I am having a similar issue. I reached out to support and all i get is resources to make sure my software and hardware is compatible when i have clearly stated that I believe it’s account related.

I am unable to play hearthstone on my Windows computer which I had no issues with in the past and nothing has changed. I then used my account to sign into my boyfriends Windows computer and I have the same problem.

Yet, my boyfriend signs into my computer with his account and it works for him! This proves that it’s account related because his account works fine on his computer and my computer.

Blizzard chime in!
My boyfriend and I are in the Americas Hearthstone server.

Yes, I have also logged into the American server on my computer with a different account without problem. the server is restricting access to our accounts for some reason

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I heardback,
Apparently the support that is on the website is for them to help with software related support. I got this reply today as well.

At this point, we have to hope for the best for the developers to be looking at our thread and do something about it. This is the latest response after I told them to forward my information to the developers:
Greetings ,

Thanks for contacting Blizzard Entertainment, this is Game Master Nuewtoisao, and I’ll be more than happy to assist you today.

Let me clarify that by posting on the forums your issue is already being submitted to the developers, and no need to forward it to them manually.

Also, you may not receive a response, however, all the reports are being reviewed by them. Once a resolution was found, they will post on the forums.

Don’t forget that we are here 24/7 for you, don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need to.

Game Master Nuewtoisao
Blizzard Entertainment

The game still doesn’t work even after the patch. I want all my money back.

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I am continuing to have this issue. I can access europe server no problem, but my data/ collection resides in americas server. What is going on blizzard!?!?

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All of this is absurd. I’ve tried with different computers and connections, and the problem remains. It’s something they need to fix directly in our accounts, and there are no solutions. Support keeps sending me useless links, and I’m losing the time I could be playing with the battle pass that someone gifted me. I’ll miss the future event and everything else. It seems we have to resign ourselves. Getting to this point is pure madness.

I created a new topic in bug reports regarding this matter if you want to go over there and reply with your experience with the game to get more attention

Hello everyone, for the past few days I haven’t been able to access my account on the European server. When I click the button to play, the screen loads, but then I get the error message Richiesta di connessione scaduta durante la ricezione di dati dal servizio di Hearthstone. Riavvia Hearthstone per riconnetterti. I tried following all the steps on Blizzard’s help page, but none of them solved my problem. I really hope you can resolve this issue as soon as possible because this is my main account, which has been active for several years, and I would be very upset to lose everything and have to start over.

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Nothing is changed with this new patch.

i have same problem with eu region can’t login

Nothing. They down’t want to solve it.

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I can’t play either. don’t know if it’s the same
Problem but im stuck on initial screen.

I can access and play on americas server now as of today. Good luck to the rest of you!