Hearthstone Updates – May 12 – Patch 17.2

The patch includes new Battlegrounds Heroes, deck re-ordering, and other game improvements.

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This is going to make people happy. Not as happy as more deck slots, mind you.


I don’t see much use in deck re-ordering, but cool for the new BG content. Heroes look really good and are probably gonna be a blast to play.

Obligatory please add more deck slots though.


While deck re ordering may not seem much, for many kind of obsessive players like me … having all the decks sorted by class is actually a big deal … maybe not that big but still is good to have it.


How is the mana glitch on mobile still not addressed?! It’s been more than two months.

Thanks for the deck order feature…

Edit: I’ve read on Reddit that they are fixing the mana glitch soon… so maybe in a future update. Glad they finally acknowledge it.

I already know people are going to be mad that the new heroes are Perk exclusive until May 26th. I have the Perks, so it doesn’t affect me, but still that’s kind of scummy.

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so will that mean the Dr. Boom hotfixes will be put in?

Make a minion in bob’s tavern go dormant. After 2 turns, get it with +1/+1.

I wonder if it will stay dormant in the shop as you reroll. If it does, the hero might be ok. Seems possibly better than yogg though since the power only costs 1 to buy a specific minion instead of 2 for a random one.

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It definitely stays in the shop when you reroll, otherwise the hero power would serve 0 purpose.

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All my yeses! THANKS SO MUCH! :raising_hand_man: :+1: :blue_heart:

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They’re only a small indie company, they can’t do something that big.

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0 balance changes.


what about the actual game? the current meta? the Crazy OP and RNG going on in standard? would be great to have an update?

hey look no dh changes.

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What is there to update? You’ve seen them add more RNG expansion after expansion, it’s obviously a major part of their design philosophy at this point. It’s not gonna change folks

so are there no balance changes besides the zeph improvements?

Ok fix it so I can login to my account. At this moment I cannot login at all to my account. It gives me the “new player” or "login " options I click login and I am stuck looking at the inn doors, if I click new player it let’s me in. this all started after the update that took forever to download. Fix your game.

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Add more deck slots pls

It was posted long in advance that getting the battleground perks would give early access to new BG heroes.

If no one else is having this problem but you, it’s not a blizzard problem, its a user error.