Hearthstone stuck on Mac

Hearthstone app is stuck as long as I am not focusing on it (i.e. changing to other softwares or sliding screens). The problem occurs after the last update.


Same here, after last patch it is not responding if I cmd+tab for more than 5 seconds. I’m running it on M1 MacBook Pro.

Same problem for me. After last patch, if I switch focus away from Hearthstone, the game freezes when I come back to it. Running on M1 MacBook Pro.

Same. Macbook Air M1 2020

Same exact problem, running on MacBook Air m1. Hope someone from the tech team sees this because it seems widespread.

Also stuck on start up. I hear audio but no graphics. iMac user

Thank god this isn’t just me. Experiencing the same on my MacBook Pro (M1 Pro) on macOS 14.5 (current version) and Hearthstone Version:

Tried scan & repair, did not fix.


Blizzard fix this, having the same issue

Same, M1 too… wtf blizz ???

Another Mac user here. I am having the issue on startup after the update. After I hit play on Battlenet it is either an invisible window or a screen that is black on the edges with colors changing in the middle. It then doesn’t respond and I force quit. Tried scanning and repairing and a full uninstall and reinstall.

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SEme on PC app stuck on “Initializing” update :poop:

After opening the app on Mac, the pointer is visible but the screen is black

Same problem after the last update on Mac M1 Pro

Same issue on my Mac as well… Scan/repair or reinstall doesn’t help.
Fix this please

Same for me, got a mac too, Yellow screen at launching and switching every colors after. Or freezing Loading page sometimes.

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Still broken after update.

The same problem here. So problematic for me, I do a lots of thing while gaming, just hate wasting time watching timer after I finish my turn, I can’t even change podcast or music because game get freeze after cmd+tab.


m2 air - same issue

the problem is still not fixed!

Hey guys, there is a workaround from OpalElk in this thread Hearthstone stopped working on Mac - #24 by OpalElk-710659305871
Hope it works for you too while waiting for official fix from Blizzard