Hearthstone Patch goes live today - server side updates

This was posted in the community form but it bears mention here as well. Evolve shaman is getting Neptulon patched out of the blazing transmutation pool. Don’t expect shaman to be any less dominant though. That just means he can find more Thaddiusses (thaddiai? thadiususususses?.. thaddy mc’fattys!!!) more often.

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Thaddy McNasty

It’s not really a fix that nerfs the main problem so it won’t matter.

Thaddius is the problem. Harder to kill and more devastating if it’s up.

Basically, they just admitted that the meta they see is perfectly fine.

I like Thaddy Mc’Fatty better. It’s more fitting. The problem with evolve shaman isn’t neptulon. It’s that it’s doing exactly what the devs intended for it to do. Evolving into Thaddius or denathrius or deathwing or stonebeorn general on turns 2-4 is perfectly fine in their eyes apparently.

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So the next balance patch will be in a few weeks, fun… I don’t think I can stand 2 weeks of chaddius.

I’m just guessing here, but I think it will be next week, probably Friday.

Gigachaddius shamans