Hearthstone Mercenaries is NOW LIVE!

Hearthstone Mercenaries is NOW LIVE!

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Seriously, we have to go through some bullcrap tutorial to try out the game? Is it 1990s, when you needed them? Unskippable voiceline there…

I was pesimistic about this game mode, now I am frustrated for having to go through tutorial before I can even check out the game (or even open packs to check if it is worth playing, which I asume is not)…

Hope now, when mercenaries are out, team will focus on fixing regular game, not push more resources into this.


Why I had Packs with only Coins?
I thought, I would get at least 1 Mercenary/Skin in each pack. :frowning:


Not for me it isn’t!

Cannot get the button to light up on iPad or iPhone. Shut everything down and reloaded multiple times, checked App Store for an update. Nothing.

The only changes I see in the game since last night are the Mercenary promo Bundles have left the shop and I have a new friend request that I cannot delete.

I am on the East Coast, and the new feature should have launched 38 minutes ago.


I’m on Android, but there’s no update… I’ve restarted the game several times and checked Google play, but there’s no mercenaries update available. Any help would be appreciated!


Screw this, I will not even finish tutorial. Such a pain in the a… Dont know which word seems like the best fit - annoying, frustrating, irritating, boring, pale…

Seriously, this is something blizzard invested probably thousands of mandays? Such a joke.


Basic Hearthstone does the same unskippable tutorial process so par for the course.

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Mobile is always a little behind PC because of how the app stores work. There’s not much Blizzard can do about it.


Kinda sucks for mobile users to be a hour behind blizzard not giving any feedback is utterly unacceptable Twitter nothing main forum nothing great launch BTW

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Think you need to get out a bit mate if you are getting so emotionally passionate about a tutorial :rofl:

People these days

You are either extremely emotionally immature as a person for getting so worked up over something so trivial as a tutorial


You are purposely making a big deal out of nothing just to create drama and vitriol. Which once again, makes you out as extremely immature


Mobile users are second class, heaven forbid we invest our money in a handheld supercomputer. :wink: Could just be Google play store too.


It should allow to skip, if you want. Why forcing somebody to do something this boring?

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I mean they could have always dropped the update yesterday and waited until today to actually activate the mode in the game

Which is what they have been doing recently so am surprised they didnt do it this time. Maybe technical reasons?

The last few major updates they have released the patch days before and then on the day flipped the switch


Well maybe the mobile lag saved us, after seeing Kripp open 50 packs I am now skeptical.


Why what happened???

Mobile will start rolling out around 1pm PT.

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Hope so, maybe can get a couple hours of play in

This doesn’t appear to be live for me. Can’t play on iPad. Cant Play on Desktop. Just getting an error on my iMac.

Actually, there is. They choose not to.


Updates on mobile platforms are almost always delayed, because they have to get approval from Apple/Google, it’s not solely under the control and timing of Blizzard. They’ve been able to get out a few simultaneous expansion launches, but that’s definitely the exception instead of the norm.