Hearthstone algorithm is illegal

First time playing Hearthstone in almost a year, nothings changed in terms of match fixing lol. This game is just dreadful & has a forced algorithm where it pits you against a player who has your perfect counter it’s insane. In a competitive game where people spend money it is illegal to fix the matches which we all know Hearthstone does. Shame on the devs shame if blizzard.


I agree with you 100% but good luck ever proving it in court.

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The pile of bullsh*t increase every minut on this forum :yawning_face::yawning_face:


This isn’t true.


Makes zero sense. If the algorithm puts you against your counter, why did it put your opponent against you? Wouldn’t it put them against their counter?

And what counters what? How does the game know what deck counters mine when I created it all on my own and not using a link?

“Hurr durr game puts you against your counter. But don’t think about the other person who didn’t get put against their counter” lol


lol “good luck proving it in court where they ask you to provide proof and evidence when you don’t have a single crumb of”


you’re wrong, it’s not a human opponent playing a counter deck but a blizzard bot, this makes perfect sense, who can guarantee that it’s not the same blizzard that doesn’t stop your run to induce you to spend more money? this happens all the time in the arena, if you search online you will find testimonies from former developers who confirm that in modes like the arena it is a colossal scam

Nope, completly legal. Since they never claimed otherwise. Every official statement about this game is carefully worded to avoid that.

You’re so bad at a simple card game you have to invent a giant conspiracy to explain why you lose. You just stink man. So do I. But here’s the great part, it’s a GAME, no one cares if you’re bad at it. Stop making excuses. It’s just sad to see people tie their self worth and egos to games especially when 9/10 times they aren’t even a pro gamer. At least they make money playing it so it makes more sense to take it seriously lol.


When people start using this kind of logic there’s no open communication
If people start to elaborate why they think it’s not rigged they’ll just get ignored or gaslighted

  • I don’t play against my counter that often
  • well surely you paid so Bliz is not giving you your counter
  • I haven’t spent money in the game for years, how come they haven’t nerfed me yet so I spend more ?
  • nice try Bliz employee but I won’t fall for your bait
  • you just have to watch some streamers to see that this whole counter theory isn’t a thing
  • well since they are streamers Bliz is making sure they are not part of the alogirhtm
  • even when they create new accounts and the theory still doesn’t apply ?
  • yeah duh, Bliz employees add their smurfs to the white list as soon as they create them
  • what do you mean they always put you in impossible situations ?
  • well [this specific situations] always happen and it’s literaly impossible, and every time it doesn’t happen, [this other specific situation] happens and I almost never get [a situation I like] so clearily it’s rigged
  • first thing first you said it was always happening but now there are exceptions so you were not telling the truth. Second thing the first situation you describe is actually quite likely to happen often, same for the second one. Whereas the situation you want is unlikely but you just said you have it from time to time, why do you thing it’s rigged that you only get a rare situation rarely ? Here I can even calculate the probabilities of your events and it refelects the rarity of what you describe
  • you’re a liar I’m not talking to trash like you
  • what’s your source beside non documented claims ?
  • hyper intelligent IT guy that wrote an article about that, plus old devs that confessed
  • ok but actual names ? articles ? links ?
  • Option A : it’s not my job to inform you of the reality of the world, go search it up for yourself
  • Option B : there you go, an 80 page long article about some legal classification
  • wtf is this saying ?
  • just read
  • you really expect us to spend 3 hours trying to understand what this is about and if it only applies to the game ? can’t you just summarize it a bit ?
  • that’s not my job, read it or stop talking

My experience so far with theses types of claims, not including debates I’ve had with people not understanding how probabilities actually work and understood to late it was ssterile to try to explain it to them. Some don’t want to understand, they just want people to tell them they are right.


Ah ok. I guess it’s also blizzard that adds me after the game and cusses me out for playing plague DK? That makes sense.

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I want to know what deck you were playing and what deck(s) your opponent(s) were playing.

You gotta admit, PowerHorus at least thought this out enough to make an unfalsifiable claim. Every single opponent he loses to is an Illuminati robot and nothing you can say will convince him otherwise

Either you’re too stupid not to see it or you’re a big whale so the war brann you meet very rarely play brann tour 6 because at home (f2p account) all the war brann I meet all play brann tour 6 (I have to exceed 100 war brann encountered and all have played brann turn 6, it’s impossible without match rigged, it’s not me who says it but the probabilities and it’s impossible)

Another thing when we hide the rank of the opponents is that blizzard hides things (not very honest otherwise it would not hide the ranks), I did a test this month, I started playing my first match from the reset on February 3 (so rank 10 bronze), I invited my opponent as a friend which he accepted and he was rank legend 271 (yes a rank legend 271 which meets rank bronze).

This game is just an illegal scam.


Nope. You haven’t played that many and they haven’t always had it.

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In response to edit:

This can happen. While you have any bonus stars (which nearly everyone does in Bronze) you are matched according to MMR instead of rank. Blizzard has been very open about this.

I faced a rather high skill human on my first match this month as well. I didn’t friend but it was a rough loss for me.

I’m just kinda surprised that your MMR is that high. Being that high Legend on the 3rd is pretty impressive, so no doubt their MMR was very high. That means yours was too.

The game is rigged, all the war brann who plays brann tour 6 it’s impossible.

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The game is not rigged.


The game is completly rigged.

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The game is at least partially rigged to give you your perfect counter. Here’s an example:

MarkMckz plays all 21 Mage secrets in his deck.

His opponent plays DOUBLE CHIEF INSPECTOR and EATER OF SECRETS to boot in his 40 card AMARA DEATHRATTLE PRIEST deck.

That doesn’t happen by chance.

However this does not mean you are stuck at X rank if you are below Diamond 5 because of it. Additionally the game is rigged both ways, sometimes to help you win too. Sometimes there’s no evidence that the game is rigged at all.