Global splash closed sign title

Hello there I’m getting this error and can’t play Hstone anymore. also if i get lucky and somehow bypass this ugly screen i face another bug that won’t let me play any idea what is this?


same with me, but i can play with my mobile and i pad, only not working on pc


Same here, Im in Europe and my American friends doesnt have this problem. Is it a server issue?? It hasnt been working for hours now. I never had any issues before, the large “refresh button” doesnt react when i press it. After a while it says “Global error network util timeout” whatever that means.

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Same issue - Australia

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Same issue Asia Server

Global Splash Closed Sign Title
Global Error Network Unavailable Upgrade

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I fixed it by “fix and repairing” and now it finally works again


Same issue. Queensland Australia.

Thank you LarsUlrik the repair worked.

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where should we look?

blue button at the bottom left …options analyze and repair…ty

Try to reinstall the game if the “Scan & Repair” option doesn’t work.

Thank you. I used the recovery, downloaded 30 megabytes and everything worked.

try scan and repair ot chek for leatest version it fixes the problem for me

So the scan & fix repaired the issue. But now I get this “The game failed to start because your opponent failed to connect. Please try again.”

By the time this worked I was playing tft for an hour :)) So yeah, that fixed by itself

same,shut dawn XBOX APP and restart battlenet will fixes it.

after download diablo the proble has happened