Game TOO expensive!



I just bought for Amazon coins your 80 Euro pack. Yet the game is too expensive.

You DO NOT have a CHANCE to take my money. You just take them and that’s it.

I DO NOT WANT to have a chance to get some of the cards of the expansion. I’m paying you a LOT of my hard worked money and I would like to receive ALL the cards of the expansion, not a part of them, based on luck.

Understand this Activision / Blizzard ? I want a safe purchase not a chance based one, since you’re taking all my money, not a part of them.

I’m not playing lottery here, I’m buying a digital product.

Thanks for reading.


No you are playing a CCG. It’s not meant to be get everything. Compared to paper ccg, HS allows no duplicate legendary and having epic and legend pity timer to make sure you get something. It’s already better than traditional CCG in this aspect.


The difference between Hearthstone a video game to a real CCG you can buy single and make the deck you want.


And hearthstone you can. Craft what you want and dust what you don’t?


im kind of shocked for the prices.

I mean the cost of hero portrait bundle is the same as ps4 exclusive game. But the difference is there is a full single game and here is just an expansion…which wont grant me full collection!
Such prices should def provide the full collection of cards…


I understand that WOW no longer earns so much, but why do you think you earn same money on HS ???


I have to agree. Each expansion is the price of a brand new game on concole. Its said that one needs around 300-400 packs to get every card in an expansion. So for the “low” price of 80bucks, one only get 80 of said packs needed to get every card in said expansion.

Iv bought the latest expansions. But this time around im seriously contemplating to stop buying expansions all together, and just play Arena for the gold i get ingame. Since its getting way to expensive to keep up with standard rotations.

Personally i would expect the 80 bucks bundle available, to be valued at 50 bucks. Then i would happily buy. And the other one to be valued at around 30 bucks. As a fun little feller said, “Everyone get in here”


Their digital product is Hearthstone. We already do NOT own anything here. If they decide tomorrow to shutdown their servers, we’re left with a web browser named Hearthstone, that connects to nothing.

In a regular CCG we physically have the cards and we can actually meet our friends and play, in real life. We have a day each month when we meet and play like this. No competition names, because I don’t want my message deleted, but I guess you all know what game I say.

SO, back to the original idea. Their digital product is the GAME, not the packs. The packs are containing 135 cards. 80% of those cards are useless … just filler so we could get junk.

What Blizzard / Activision / Team 5 should do ? Release a reduced number of cards each expansion to 20-30 (even launch more expansions / year, so the game should be often refreshed with new decks and mechanics).

Sell more cosmetic items and reduce the impact of the pay 2 win factor.

As it is for now, most players cannot afford a large cards collection, are limited to 2-3 maxed heroes and cannot “taste” the real game with all the classes and the fun meme decks.

What happens in the end ? Seeing the HUGE amount of released cards, new players aren’t even embarking in this journey, so the player database is always decreasing instead of increasing, leaving open spots on the market for the competition. It is a good thing … but my favorite game is DYING like this … I love Hearthstone.

For myself, as an old player, the game is painful when I need to buy the next expansion and I’m always thinking if it is worth buying or not. This time I still bought it, but the decision is harder to make each expansion, because the quality of the product is diminished and there are always less players.

The number of playable decks is very limited and in the time between expansions I don’t even play Hearthstone anymore, because I’m bored seeing always the same decks, even if we have 135 new cards. Then what’s the point releasing so many cards ? Just to take our money and make us quit for the huge price of randomizing our real money rewards ?

Ok. Calculating, I’ve spent more than 3.000 euro on this game. I used the money that I would of used to buy cigarettes. So I don’t feel not even for a second that I lost my money on Hearthstone. Actually I’m happy with my purchase. But the game is now dying. i’m writing you here also to protect my investment … I would like to be able to play Hearthstone in 5 years from now too … but the direction this game is going now it’s just wrong.

Conclusion: Team 5 should offer in each pack NON repeatable cards, until you have a full collection. Each card should contain 100 guaranteed dust, not 40, so you could craft with dust all missing cards. This way, the players saving gold to buy packs would have almost a full collection too. No more pay 2 win.

Thank you for reading.

This is my last recorded video of my cards collection. I wasn’t in the mood to record it again after the last expansions. Anyway, I have all the cards there with 1-2 really useless exceptions.


real card you exchange 1:1 with another player :wink:


I just wanted to comment on what a great name you go there!


Yes and no. In magic the rare cards that is powerful can be really expensive in the market. And unlike HS, there is no ftp element in it. Neither can you so readily find players to play with you despite being more expensive. I used to save a week just for a pack for magic.


and in the digital realm I can play at 1am from the comfort of my own home. The trade-off is worth it to me of trading the physical benefits for the digital ones. In addition while HS does not have a physical counterpart in Magic I have spent ~$100 on the game and have the equivalent of $1000 in decks. Sure, I can’t sell the digital cards; however, once cards leave Standard in Magic they tend to lose A LOT of their value so if I wanted to play Hydroid Krasis or Nicol Bolas it isn’t really like I can sell the cards anyways and they’ll lsoe value once they rotate out of Standard.

Ummm… no
For ‘meh’ cards sure but for most of the cards you’d be putting in a Magic deck (for instance) you are in no ways trading 1 for 1.


Quit now while you can it’s not getting any cheaper.


You just pointed out the fact that It is a “Collectable Card Game”. Even if it’s a digital one. If all of these pixelated cards where collected it would cost me $3,200 real money.

Yes, you can dust them, but then you wouldn’t have every card if you were collecting them. How many of you , when the game first came out, bought every expansion pack? I play wild as well as standard, boy! It would be nice if I could buy more older cards for wild.

Again CCG for say MtG board cards. I have well over 3,000 of them. They have value though since I can sell them on eBay, so I can at least get some money back. People who play that game can actually collect all cards of an expansion by buying a box of packs. Darn expensive though.

If we could trade our cards here instead of having to dust them, because we can only have two of any card except legendaries, then this would be a true CCG, but we can’t. Blizzard has made sure that we will never get every card of an expansion unless we dust something to get a card we want.

So if you want that rare card you must dust something, buy in hopes of getting it, or win lots of dust in Arena. And how many of you suck in Arena? I certainly do and I won’t give my gold or money to it because I suck at it.

He has a valid point. He wants cards he is paying for to flesh out a deck? Not for a chance to roll the wheel of dollars in hopes of getting what he wants. I see meta decks that require 2k -10k to make. Most of that cost is legendaries, but we do have epics and rares in there as well. I don’t have that kind of dust, I’d prefer to trade for it though. It’s a nice idea.


Physical ccg, all cards have to be brought with money. Wonder how much have u spent on magic compared to HS.

Why trading don’t work? Because HS is a FTP game and I can create 100 accounts easily. Each new account farm gold fast and get bonus packs at the start. Example rumble give 6 free packs. Tts 600 packs with duplicate legendary maybe. All I need is to trade all the card I am missing in my main with them and get full collection. What could be change can be golden odds or dust recovery rate.


It’s not with a physical product either… there’s a chance aspect there too, but at least you are getting something with resale value/ is tangible.


U know cards tt are rotate out loses value alot right? Most filler cards which we get often worth not much too. If you are lucky and get the good one, yes it’s good value. But if you want that card’ u have to pay more than ever to get it from another player.


Regardless, it’s way to cheaper to get a legendary in mtg, and it has resale value where HS you just get dust after the sets rotate out. Also cards that rotate out don’t necessarily lose value… i can argue, as well as A LOT of mtg players can, that they increase in value - wild isn’t popular in hearthstone, but alternative types of play in mtg like EDH, vintage, modern, etc/ are REALLY popular. There’s no comparison. I have 100s of common cards from when i started playing about 20 years ago that are worth about 5 dollars each now. If you find you’re getting your moneys worth from Hearthstone purchases, i dunno what to tell you… glad you’re a millionaire?


20 years ago? Alpha beta cards? Yes those worth money. What about all in between? Truth is all CCG games require alot money for full collection.
Also magic don’t even use the word legend for the rarest card, don’t know where u come up with that.

A quick google says Out of the 18,000 or so individual Magic cards printed, only 2155 are worth more than $1, only 422 are worth more than $10 , and only 52 are worth more than $100 . So. Unless your luck is really good at getting that 52/18000 cards no you ain’t really gonna earn back what you spend.


the money beast is hungry so long people keep supporting shady business practices as:

  • not allowing hero portraits outside the bundle for bait purposes.

the game will not be better, the way they handle cards is terrible… “nerfs this into rotate your favourite deck to wild to face people with much much higher collection than you”