Game TOO expensive!


No… not even close to Apha and Beta. I started playing during Urza’s Legacy. Also, the OP is talking about owning the full collection, i’m talking about what you get dollar for dollar - i honestly dont think there can be a decent argument for the retention in value here - Both require money, yes, but the cards that cycle out in mtg are still played heavily, and grow in value… you cannot say the same for hs. it’s just a fact. Also all you can do is open packs in hs… you can’t trade. At least in mtg if you get sick of seeing the commons you’ve already opened, you can look through a friends binder and trade. I simply don’t see any comparison worth mentioning minus not having to store your collection.

P.S. Mythical Rare… whatever who cares… you knew what i meant. Also those statistics are just wrong…


I don’t think any normal player earn a full collection in magic. Only the whales can do it. And the difference is that if you don’t wanna spend a single cent, you can play HS competitively. If you don’t spend a single cent in magic, you can’t even start. And while magic you can play legacy, you can only play perhaps 2-3 hrs every week in a designated location. HS, anytime u on the app you can play. Digital bring abt convenience to CCG physical cannot match. Meanwhile, digital loses the collection ability in hard copy which is why they are way cheaper than magic too.

My stats are from Google, if mine is wrong, why nt show ur data?


That is true… but as soon as you enter ranked you’ll realize you need better cards. Blizzard knows what they are doing… i would love to know the average $ amount a player spends… i bet it’s not 0


I played mtg for 20 years… that’s my data


Ancedotal vs hard date collected by organisation? Really?


I know a couple of people hitting legend not spend a single cent. If you do not spend a single gold from 1 expansion to the other u shd earn 8k to 10k gold. That’s about 80-100 packs. Enough to get almost all rare and common. Dust the rotating set out and u can easily create a few tier one deck to play.


go to ebay right now and adjust the minimum buy it now price to 100$ and type in mtg… i guarantee you come up with more than 52 cards. And yes, my anecdotal evidence is better than your “research” in this case, because i’ve owned over 700 cards worth more than 10$. Related to your other post, those players are exceptional then… i don’t think 99% of players can accomplish this.


Just went ebay no much results. Went here

Results not surprising most card are worthless compared to the price paid for it. And when I was a kid I was priced out by magic, but guess what that same kid then can play HS for free and be competitive.


Nullspace, look we are comparing apples to oranges. Yes you can play competitively in HS, but you’re not going to be a top rank player with what’s doled out in the way of the average packs you might get from Arena, or just doing a daily that offers a pack.

I mean most packs we get are classic when we win. You might get a expansion pack if Blizzard in the kindness of their hearts offers you one in a special. When you start out playing MtG you can buy a complete deck that has a theme for $10.00. Yeah, most packs are $2.99. Then again I can sell what I don’t need to a dealer or trade for something I don’t have. Those cards have value to someone else who is looking for that certain card.

Here for example, if you want Rexxar for your hunter deck and don’t have it then there is one of two ways to get it. Either dust the crap out of your collection, (1600 dust anyone?) or buy packs in hopes that you get lucky to get it. Can you get it in trade? Hell no! Here you can’t trade or sell any of what you purchase. Guess what happens if Blizzard shuts this down, no value. No nothing. All the money you spent just to see a blank screen.

With real CCG card games at least there is some value back. Maybe no one wants what you have then again they could. So again we are talking apples to oranges and they are not the same.


As an add on to this talking about dust, I feel that we are getting shafted when we dust or create a card. For example if you break down a Legendary you only get 400 dust. But if you want to create a Legendary you need 1600 dust. That means I have to break down a crap load of cards or 4 legendaries to get one legendary.

Does anyone see the inequality here? If I break down a Legendary I should get 50% of the break down. Yeah, 800 dust thank you. Heaven help me if I’m stupid enough to want a gold one. That’s 3200 dust. Anyone not in their right mind who did that?

There’s a lot to be said on how Blizzard set up this game.


This I can agree. Ppl who talk abt full collection don’t understand the fundamental of CCG. Be it digital or not. Can HS be cheaper? Yep for sure. 50% dust sounds good. Dailies get more gold? Possible too. But no. Not I spend 80. Give me everything.


Do you even internet? I went to SOLD listings, 100$ and up, US only, and got 12k results, with 40 different card on the first page. I’ll never get those 4 minutes back but by-golly i like being right


Think this is one of the first expansions I’m going to pass on. We get a huge dust refund thanks to the HOF movement… $80 for not even full content? Really? I already spent a good chunk of money on the last expansion and was terribly disappointed with a low golden/legendary amount. I don’ think I can justify this one. The new hero portrait is fairly lame as well… AND Blizz to my knowledge is going to be charging us money/gold on TOP of the $80 pre-order. So… I have to spend over $100 for likely what is going to be a likely mediocre (because that’s what the last ones have been) content expansion and some packs.

Game/developer is getting way too money hungry. I think I’m kind of getting done with Hearthstone.


You know ebay work differently by countries right? If u can provide me the link Idm. I provided you mine. A site speciality in selling magic cards. Not a general site like ebay. But I guess you don’t Internet oh well.


another difference is that you can spend and have fun learn more by playing multiple games other than just to spend playing 1 game.


I have a hard time justifying buying these expansions. But it IS a collectable card game, and buying them in game is a dollar each. So for 50 you get 50 cards, for 80 you get 80 cards. And as a ccg, the packs are just random packs. There’s really no problem with any of this. They could just not sell a bundle and everyone could buy them individually, with almost the same outcome. The hero portrait is annoying to me, because I won’t spend 80 and therefore can’t get it. And this isn’t the first time.

It doesn’t leave me with a good feeling, as most games should. And that’s the problem.


A good arena run always opens free ways ;p


The average is unlikely to be $0, just because of how averages work.


Some people are getting too hung up on “I paid $49.99 and all by itself alone without anything else I don’t think it gives me enough”. No CCG - physical or digital - gives its players full collections for 50 bucks. Take 50 bucks and spend it on MtG, or Gwent, or Shadowverse, or any other CCG in the history of all time and you aren’t going to get anywhere close to 100% with it. But there are people acting like they should be able to get most/all the cards in a Hearthstone set for 50 bucks. Does not compute.


RNG has been with trading cards since they were actual cards. You’ve always had rng chance at cards when you opened a pack from the vendor. When I was a young boy I use to buy packs of baseball cards and pray to the gods I would get a rookie of an up coming player or a foil card of my favorite player.

You couldn’t buy specific cards unless you bought them from a collector for outrageous prices. Which, in a way is kinda how crafting is, well at least the end result is the same. You spend money on cards to disenchant them so you can make the ones you really really want.