Game is FATE and decided who will win while matchmaking

I have been playing this game since 2016 and found that it will be decided who would win while matchmaking. This game mechanism just matches your deck and simply search for winning/losing card-based opponent. If you are chosen to lose, you will see a lot of ANTI-Card based and your will have something like the cards you do NOT need early.
Another funny thing, if you start to LOSE, no matter what… (except opponent won’t DC) you will lose for apprx. 4/5 matches. I don’t know why opponent’s card are PREFECT-HANDED that particular time. No matter whatever you deck come up with, you will LOSE.
Same goes for Winning purpose.
Example, you need say a weapon need 2 attack only to win. all your weapon will be 1 attack using Hunter’s pack/ any discover/adding weapon card.
If the game is NOT biased for Pay to Win, why should I use money in the game? either way the fate is yours.
you can say more legendary card/good deck lots of cards…
whatever a Legendary player uses (wild) you can have same deck using dust and try.

Whatever This game is like a Proper Luck based game and game will decide your winning/losing.

Please REVISE game mechanics. TY


Sorry, we’re not doing “matchmaking is rigged” threads right now. We’re all kinda busy with “battle pass is theft” threads at the moment. But if you post again in a month or so, I’m sure you’ll get a better response.


how many free codes does blizz give you for the endless attacks on people who have any complaint or dislike about this game? just wondering. almost 7k posts and all of them just replies belittling someone. the troll is real.


well, at least you proved youre consistent. good boy. blizz is proud.


Neat, a battle between a critic, and a pro Blizz troll! (grabs a popcorn)


Yeah, when I got Zephrys and made a highlander deck, my first opponent was a Albatross resurrect Priest.

I mean… com’on… who plays Albatross these days…


It’s hard to not laugh at “game is rigged” threads. Those tinfoil hat ppl are really something XD.


how dare we base our opinions on our experience with a repeatable confirmation test that anyone can do. blizz is definitely above any sort of matchmaking shennanigans. just trust them when they tell you youre matched on mmr and not whats in your deck lol…they would never just blatantly lie.


Please just answer the following 2 questions:

  1. Do you always mulligan the same cards?
  2. Do you always draw the biggest card on the first few turns?

If yes to both, then you know something is up.


That’s me asking for deck help. Its all battle pass (WELL DESERVED BY THE BY) rage.

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I’ve made numerous posts about not having to use a ooze for ages then switching it out for something useful only to be up against something like Kingsbane Rogue the very next match… this happens all the time, without fail, like clockwork, but it’s just dumb luck.

To be clear, if I thought for a moment that an international company designed a game to personally torment me, then I would no longer play the game.

As it stands I can’t be bothered to log into HS right now, that’s down to Blizzard straight up lying to it’s playerbase and making a fun game unfun.


I believe you,
games are rigged for easy win/ impossible loss
but however, all games are like this also, not just hearthstone.
I am a cod legend and still die from nubs who cant aim,
sometimes dont even shoot at all, and its not lag.

that being said, i am very annoyed at being stuck at gold 10 wild with my epic golden decks, where even at bronze 10 i face legend portrait counters.

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There’s two main avenues the “game is rigged” arguments take

One is that the game is rigged to ensure a ~50% winrate for everyone

And the second is that the game is rigged to reward better RNG to people that have just spent money and not gold on packs

I pay careful attention to my RNG on the rare occasions when I have bought packs and I never noticed a boost to RNG. If I had, I probably would have unfortunately been enticed to buy more packs lol. Because it would be indeed a brilliant, if unethical, strategy to make more money. But because I personally didn’t notice a benefit to RNG, and because my pack opening RNG has typically been pretty terrible when I spent RL money, that kept me from spending lots of it

I’m amazed at the blizz defence teams on these threads, the more you pay the lighter your anchor gets, these people arent stupid, just absent from the moral scale. Then they cry for evidence when people time and time again Express perfect counter plays, I’ve been on both sides receiving and giving perfect plays, the manner in which it happens makes it very difficult to refute.

My most recent on the giving end was with mage amazingly, what’s more rng played an extremely small role in the draw yet every card I recieved or discovered was simply perfect, tried to add the guy for a chat but he just moved on, played the whole game though.

I’m not a sour muffin, I give credit where cred is due however the more I play the more it becomes apparent, the fact they change seasons and cards regularly doesn’t veil the perspective but only serves as convolusion. It may be we experience differences based on many factors unknown but to flat out deny any wrongdoings is rather sheepish. I foresee a day when things may be brought into the lights of legality, I wonder how many people will be holding blizzards hand then.

Where all in a unique timeframe with gaming and its avenues of development, specifically governing laws due to rising interest within a short time, high paid competitions and what not, all of this is relatively new and mostly unnoticed by the powers that be. In my opinion many are treating it like the housing market, invest, overinflated, gain, crash, move on. There will be doco’s from insiders and what not explaining how modern gaming took advantage of an upcoming generation mark my words.

The game is rigged, there’s no way anyone can convice me otherwise… I don’t know how many perfect storm win/loses I’ve endured, and the good loses/wins are far and few.
I spend roughly $800 a year on this, and i dont reget it, because they make a excellent game. I still have a ~40% winrate.
Priest/yogg wins/loses are cancer

If you compare HS’s topdecking algorithm now compared to what it was 15 months ago, it was significantly different.

Now, I experience both sides of a perfect topdeck much more often.

Plague of Death is a good example where it’s quite perceptible.

It’s perceptible if you watch many content creators on YouTube and Twitch.

It’s not just topdecks either, just that’s the simplest way to find this in action.

Think about it, if they were able to make Zephrys, and classify cards as different types depending on the situation, you’d think they wouldn’t have at least something for the wider game?

So why hasn’t it been “proven”? I think there’s a certain percentage, say 15-20%, where everything is normal. And the complex RNG generation muddies it up for a good 50%. And then there are a myriad of ways to “disprove” it.

Which is why I say look at topdecks. That’s the simplest way to see it.

Now, the algorithm can’t predict how you will play if you choose to play ahead. But I have definitely felt the algorithm get more refined over the last 12 months.

And, I didn’t even talk about the class matchup algorithm, which is another huge part to it.

HS is still a very enjoyable game, I can still grind out a win despite bad RNG, or a couple opponent’s perfect topdecks. It’s very easy to just give up when that happens, hard to separate the actual guaranteed losses from the ones where you could have played something different and it would have been quite likely to win. Hard to do if you don’t know you’re making the mistake in the first place.

But wins feel cheap if you’re the one getting the perfect draws, and smash your opponent.


is the only way the can deal with losing a game

I prefer calling myself out on the mistakes. “I should have…”

Tinfoil hat is on.

I have seen many times that some streamers yelled out exactly what card they needed and got it on the next turn. “I really need Flamestrike now” BOOM next draw Flamestrike! On top of that, these streamers always have perfect openings and perfect draws, how odd?

2 things to consider:

  1. Streamers are the best Hearthstone promoters.
  2. Most of them have spend over $10,000 on the game over the years.

Therefore, in conclusion, I have reasons to believe that not only the game is rigged but they have also buffed (tweaked) certain accounts in order to create an illusion that if you have certain cards then you will be invincible so that people will spend more real money on the game.


If the game is rigged than you all are really suckers to keep playing


I love it when people say I am a blizz fanboy for saying the game isn’t rigged when 3/4 of my posts are trashing blizzard’s greed lol