Frostmourne Deathrattle Effect Known Issue & Upcoming Hotfix

We’re aware of an issue introduced with the most recent update causing the Deathrattle effect on the Frostmourne weapon (gained from The Lich King) to fail to summon minions that were killed by the weapon.

Our current plan is to get a hotfix out to address this issue on Monday, September 16. We will update this thread with more information if anything changes.

Thanks for your patience!


So now all decks who playing Lich is temporary nerfed?

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It’s September 16. Desperately waiting for this hotfix to go live.


We should be compensated for this

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there must always be… A Lich King


While you are at it, change the rules of Rush to make it so that only the opponents minions can be targeted for attack. That will fix the Linecracker craziness in the Wild Format, at the same time, not hurting any other gameplay.

And its because of that stupid deck i started to make a murlock deck to kill them before 1k armour happens.

What does Rush have to do with it? I thought the interaction was BEES! + Overkill.

The problem is that the bees are able to attack the players own minions. BEES! is not the problem, the problem is that they can attack the player’s own minion. And BEES! essentially has the Rush mechanic applied to them, just that they attack on their own with a predetermined target.

They can attack when they are summoned and cannot attack heroes on that turn. That is Rush by definition.

BEES! has nothing to do with the Rush keyword.

There are numerous cards that force a minion to attack a predetermined target, all of which allow the minion to attack normally afterwards, if they survive and don’t have summoning sickness.

Mass Hysteria, Beast Within, and plenty of others I could name. BEES is no different. If you give Rush to the bees after casting the spell, they’re able to attack again.


Recent hotfix patch hasn’t addressed this issue. In my opinion, it shows the value, or lack thereof, of wild in Blizzard’s priority lists. Whatever I say is going to sound unappreciative, ungrateful and prejudicial as.shat rumbling anyways, so why restrain myself?

Thank you blizzard for hampering my climb. Stuck at rank 3 with renolock because I cannot play the deck to its fullest potential. Meanwhile sn1p-sn4p is still an issue; priest has second highest playrate and resurrect priest is still the most favourite deck in the entire game. Nice job, lads.