Forged in the Barrens is NOW LIVE!

no it is not, I can’t play for the last hour.


JUST AWFUL!!! Unable to get into a game on IOS in any mode for the past hour with very good WIFI. Constantly receiving error message to try again in a few minutes. Thanks Blizzard:). You had three months to prepare for launch. Fix this now!


U can still buy BG Perks with coins. I can. it just wasn’t immediately available

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Just found one question, If I already got all legendry cards from Barrens, for those random legendary cards from the reward track, it will just become some repeat legendary?

Why no set the random legendary cards maybe from Classic when you already got all legendary from the new pac?

Unable to initiate a standard match(the only kind I have tried) “There was an error starting your game. Please wait a few minutes and try again.”

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Dang… Sounds like this update isn’t going over to well.

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Wouldn’t it be fun if the game worked?

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What’s the point of this thread/forum if Blizzard never responds to questions and/or complaints here? Kinda sad on their part.


awesome yaaa too bad I still can’t play half the game because stupid level 10 with every class restriction. i don’t wanna play ur dumb edgelord class. I played arena and duels fine up until now, why expansion take away content instead of add it???

There was an error starting your game.Please wait a few minutes and try agin … :(((

Boy, your launches just keep getting worse and worse. At this point the C-team must be at the wheel.

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I think there’s been one Community Manager response to a post on these forums in the entirety of 2021.

No issue playing the game, loaded just fine but I have a BIG issue with the pre-purchase that I paid $80 for and was lead to believe it included Tavern Pass plus BG perks. And WTH, WHY ARE 90% OF YHE CARDS 4 MANA COST & BELOW??? Is this suppose to be the year of Arggo/face decks??? I opened 11 packs before getting a card that costs more than 5 mana and the 5 mana cost cards were few & far between. Not done opening packs, ima see how many 5+ mana cost cards are in the next 10 packs. I’m almost willing to bet a grand that none cost more than 5. I don’t usually post but I have a feeling this expansion is gonna blow & that just sucks. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong. No way in hell am I paying another $20 on top of the $80 I paid for pre-purchase just for Tavern pass, that’s effing ridiculous & greedy af.

Che fine ha fatto la mia polvere?
Mi avete “regalato” un set di carte, il set principale.
Bene, “grazie” ( ? ) , ma le carte che erano già in mio possesso, che fine hanno fatto?
Avevo un Cairne dorato, ho perso la polvere?
Con una più corretta comunicazione da parte vostra, ora avrei avuto 1600 polvere in più (magari fossero solo 1600)

Bonjour, problème identique hier soir mais depuis ce matin c’est réglé. Par contre, j’ai perdu mon deck personnalisé Mage. C’est un autre qui le remplace (un deck standard à priori). Comment retrouver mon deck personnalisé SVP sans avoir à le refaire ? J’avoue que je ne comprends pas tout depuis l’extension…

Who led you to believe this?

I have a question.Sry for my english.
Shouldnt it now be possible to disenchant or craft the former basic cards which are now in the archuv set.
But that doesnt seem to work.
Thanks for answering.

No. The basic set is uncraftable and cannot be disenchanted. There are no plans for that to change.

Hey, its super duper that you guys at blizzard are so ambitious with all this new content and more to come, thats great.

I know nothing about game design or what goes on on the back end of games, but I’m guessing that the client probably needs a massive overhaul or something done to ui interface before moving forward with adding more content. also updates seem to be getting larger and larger.

Take heed of the frustration going on already, client and game is buggy AF. Could be a huge headache for y’all if you keep putting it off…

Anyone have issues claiming FITB pack after watching twitch streams in HS app? I’ve connected my blizzard to twitch and vice versa.