Fire Festival & Future Fun

Fire Festival & Future Fun

Celebrate Summer with the Fire Festival, hot new looks, and more!

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Very promising and exciting. The beach theme is perfect


Didn’t want to give you more of my money Blizzard but God Damn some of these skins are so good and a Raggy Shaman skin :heart_eyes:, Rip my wallet :sob:


oh heck yea shadowlands related cosmetic stuff i was wondering if we would get any of that

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Shaman already has a lot of great skins, but Rag is certainly tempting.

This will also be the second red(-ish) Rexxar this year. Heck, this expansion.

This is amazing. I love everything about this update. FOR THE ALLIANCE!

I really hope all of this is buyable with actual money AND/OR gold. Having more of a reason to play the game and amass gold will overall build a healthier event as well as player experience.

Personally if all of this is buyable only with actual money, I lose all interest. I’m not particularly invested in Hearthstone right now, but if all of this was earnable that could change.


I remeber when this event gave you double gold, or gold + dust.

Now it’s just… year of the phoenix packs?
Is there anyone who still needs them?
We get 1 every week in the tavern brawl + from reward track + twitch drop…

The only interesting part is the skin


Totally agree with this. Even if they’re high gold costs, I’d prefer to grind it out than pay money for it. Here’s hoping that’s the case!

9 comments. Dying game. Good to hear about battlegrounds refresh.

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I dislike the idea that player can use real money to upgrade there cards, everyone should grind it out in order to upgrade cards in all Hearthstone

New players definitely. Phoenix packs are still better than getting Barrens packs.
Any event is better than no event.

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New players already have

  1. apprentice ranks with packs
  2. free meta deck
  3. tavern brawl for phoenix packs

I think an event like this (one of the few HS has) should be aimed to everyone.

The skin is cool, the 6 packs, for most of us, would just be a way to get closer to a pity timer for expansions that we already have played.

Gold/dust would have been better; nothing too crazy since it used to be like this.
On the event side, it seems like they moved backwards

My question is, what exactly is a 'Questine?

when will blizzard fix ios version which doesn’t work and ban players who just waste time as long as possible instead of these silly “updates”?

why you don’t release new Warlock skins? I think he’s a hero with the least number of skins, which is disappointing

And pity timer is set on 40 packs, i opened 30 Barrens packs without legendary and 13 without epic, currently. So even if you play every brawl for pity timer, it might be not enough for next legendary.

There is going to be book of heroes young Warlock skin.

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Is Tiki a permanent skin as in I could buy it after Fire Festival? Cuz I won’t have money till 20th and I’m willing to play Battlegrounds just to have a bartender skin. Though wish we could add the skins to dungeon runs

And yet the Battleground is still in BETA. Still a fun excuse to some bugs. But thats okay. We can´t expect minimal vage programmers who can´t even afford food in cafateria to work that well on bugs.

ladder is not in beta and there are always bugs with new expansions, so it is not very different