Drops Return to Hearthstone Masters!

Drops Return to Hearthstone Masters!

Link your YouTube and Battle.net accounts and earn packs!

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No thanks, I have always watched on Twitch and will stay watching on twitch


Nobody needs it! Take away this rubbish!

This rubbish must be in the bucket!

Haha unfortunately I will take any free packs regardless of which channels.


i used to play on 2 different account on 3 servers, now i cant even complete my quest on my main account, it become so frustrating, before the patch it was fairly easy even when you concede the match will count now i have to play a full game with classes i dont have any viable deck for or playing the even more frustrating brawl, return the game to the way it used to before the patch dont force me to play games i dont want to play.


Even if you watch the streams, you will probably not get your packs as last weekends drops didn’t awards the packs in game.

I got the drops for twitch last weekend, but twitch is established. Not sure for YouTube but trying regardless.

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I got both packs from the drops this weekend. So, working fine, mate.

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For those curious here are the dates of the games which were not mentioned in the post or article. I didn’t see the times yet.

Grandmasters Week 1: Year of the Phoenix (2 packs) April 9-11
Grandmasters Weeks 2 - 7: Year of the Phoenix (2 packs total) April 16-18, 23-25, & other weekends thru may
Grandmasters Playoffs: Forged in the Barrens (2 packs) June 4 - June 6


This the information I was looking for. Thanks!

Hey Devs if you want people to get into Masters…

  1. Hide decklists like the first few years of Hearthstone.
    This allows us to watch surprise, instead of competitors playing against memorized opponent’s decklists, which is absolutely underwhelming and why we lost interest. Cannot be stressed enough how important this change back is, to get us to care.

  2. Get the HS World Champ back at Blizzcon, in the fall, every year. We know when it is, what it is, how to find it, when to plan for it, and so on, w/o needed to look things up or see some post.

  3. Get a sweet band (that used instruments and themselves, not PC’s) to make music like you did with Tenacious D (what a concert that was!) and Metallica and such. Nobody is missing a concert from a rare instrument band from the times instruments channeled our energy (instead of lame computers and phones), at Blizzcon, paired with HS’s world champs, all in the same weekend.

Just do those 3 things, you’ll win.
Trust me, trust everyone else, go back to what worked, undo the wrench you took to the bolt, here’s how you tighten things back right. Balancing wild’s mana cheat down and having a wild tournament would be a nice touch too.

LOTs of us have fulltime jobs and don’t care to be tied to a cellphone or social media in our lives to know when the world champs are for example. We’d like to watch someone not-know their opponent’s decklists and see how they react, instead of watching someone who’s planned for those decklists for months with their personal online chat.


Please note that you cannot participate in the Promotion via the YouTube app on TV or on media devices, you will
not be eligible for rewards The foregoing conditions of entry are the “Initial Conditions”. Please note that viewers
on the YouTube app on TVs or media devices, and viewers on any other platform or channels, will not be eligible to
participate. Are you saying that I can’t get the packs if I watch via the official YouTube app on my phone/ipad, I have to watch it via the YouTube website only?

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is changed not you get instant pack to game you need aktivate pack on twitch

The fact that you are loyal to a company that does not give a damn about you, is scary. free stuff is free stuff.


I’m not loyal to a company I have zero interest in watching live streams on other platforms. YT stream chat is just not the same

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No cast in french with 6 GM: Felkeine, Zhym, Swidz, AyRoK, Warma, xBlyzes!!!
THX Blizzard for the french community…

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You need to do the right CONTENT. Link to the channel when it will be broadcast. Subscription. Like. Don’t fool people. Deal boxes of 5 cards. I am sure that these boxes will contain 50 dust each, if they open at all, but here they came up with somewhere to go. Collect documents, some unnecessary registrations, regulations. Why is this? Give out boosters to everyone and make people happy. There will not be much happiness from 2 boosters))

You did, but many others haven’t. See

Blizzard, you won’t be able to beat the players with this horror they have invented.

  1. Show documents to get 1 booster;
  2. Go through all channels;
  3. Subscribe to all channels;
  4. Watch all these heaps of dogs for 10 hours;
  5. You may not get 1 booster because it may not work;
  6. Travel to Los Angeles for 1 booster pack;
  7. Sniff Grommash’s feet))