Doomkin is on its own powerlevel

I just had 3 matches in a row in which Doomkin was an instant win for my opponent.
It doesn’t help that they also always seem to have Splish-Splash on turn 2 (that’s luck on their part, okay, I get it) but Doomkin just being a disruptor (stealing your curve 1 mana) and adding 1 mana to the opponent (creating a 2 mana inbalance) … it’s just so laughably strong I’m at a loss for words honestly.

I came back after 1 year break and there are some seriously questionable cards right now but this card has to take the cake seeing how out of control druid’s ramp/draw is right now. Facing druid was never particularly fun for me but this version of dragon druid (ramping/mana cheating/disruption/insane high mana payoff) is the worst yet.

Edit: I honestly find it very telling that this Manacluster card is on Druid’s E.T.C. list most of the time and not even in the main deck. 3 mana crystals for 6 mana - with NO downside or tradoff. Ramps only downside was the fact that if you drew into those cards late you’d lose out on a card - but not anymore. Now you get a 3/7 taunt for any not-used mana-ramp crystal. And that card is not even in their decks? O_o

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It’s bad enough Druids can cheat mana so easily, but the fact with this card they can screw your mana over is insufferable, brain dead card design at it’s finest.

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Doomkin doesn’t work that way. It cannot “instantly” win a match. Purified Shard, for example, “instantly” wins when played.

What I think you mean to say is that Doomkin is a very strong card. This conclusion is supported by it’s 63% Played Win Rate on HSReplay.

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Biggest problem is that this card has no downside whatsoever.
It even comes with a 3/4 body to annoy you.

There are way too many cards now that have crazy effects and no condition attached to them whatsoever. I love the Forge cards - spending 2 mana to get the better effect is a good trade-off and fun to do while not having anything else to play.

But why is Doomkin a body + a 2 mana-difference effect that screws with the opponent’s gameplan just like that? They didn’t even have the decency to make this effect a deathrattle so you have at least the chance to somehow play around it.

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Its stats are very low for the mana cost. That’s the downside. And if you don’t draw/play it before hitting 10 mana, it’s just a 6 mana 3/4.

Wow, you are def. playing druid …

I lost another match where I was behind the entire game, Doomkin came in and my opponent had 10 mana while I had 5 … no, this is NOT balanced.

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Actually, I haven’t tried this deck. I’ve been playing a lot of Highlander/Secret Hunter. However, I have played an Even Hero Power Druid that’s pretty fun, but it does not have Doomkin in it.

Ramp/Dragon/Combo Druid (whatever you want to call it) is really hard to beat right now. Try playing Pain Warlock. It’s pretty strong against Druid.

I’m not so sure about that. If anything, maybe it gets a little tap down to a 3/3. But the stealing mana effect isn’t going anywhere. That’s the whole point of the card.

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The issue with the deck is that it’s faster out of the gate than most other decks, enough so that they’ve decided to ban (not nerf) a card that both enables synergies and ramps:

Splish-Splash Whelp

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Well at least they’re doing something.

And eventhough my original post doesn’t look like it: I appriciate this approach instead of nerfing a card into the ground and making it unplayable. Them taking swift action instead of waiting (or us waiting for a balance patch) is actually a good thing.

And I agree: Whelp was way too good with its dragon tag attached. It was out turn 2 (or coin turn 1) and you knew: This will most likely not go anywhere.

If that’s enough to scale down druid we’ll have to see.

Which emphasizes the point that Doomkin’s effect is not really the “iwin” that GetSchwifty was suggesting. A great strength of the deck was the early ramp. Banning Splish-Splash has a much bigger impact on the deck than a nerf to Doomkin. In fact, this will likely drive the deck out of competitive play entirely (which I believe was the intent of this implementation).

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splish splash was the reason why doomkin was so oppressive. Without that ramp playing a 6 mana 3/4 is so much worse.


just asking is ban a card and what give to compensate thats 1 missing class card?
just make deck unplayable like what to do when druid use astalor / jailler/ tonny/ dena/ mill deck/anub/ trent deck/pendant spell for naga whats 1 month later go to wild/shattered spell etc everything nerfed to GROUND!
do not get me wrong but not only druid class have some some broken stuff whats break meta!!!
and when some other class use this all lego way better than druid is still ok and normal …what a joke this game nowday really