DEVS TO SEE: Black cards bug, About the recent system req. change

With the last update, a part of the players (with older computers) cannot play Hearthstone anymore. Because regular cards and some another plain images look black:

The game run perfectly well before this update for years!

This is the response we got.



The System Requirements for the game can be found Here . As we review more and more reports about this issue it appears the systems are not supported. In that case, this wouldn’t be a bug but an issue with unsupported hardware attempting to run the game. The latest update did include an engine update that is why the system requirements were also changed. <- Any feedback about this change should be posted on our Community Discussion Forums for the developers to see.

Are any players seeing this issue on a fully supported device that meets all our system requirements? If so please post your Dxdiag up.

Thank you.

We were not told about this system requirement changes beforehand and we cannot play the game now.

As I told in the “Technical Support” topic I have overall 15.000 wins, more than 25 legend climbs, one invitation mail for HS Global Games in the past. I estimate 7000 hours of gameplay time. I love the game.

What I want from the developers them to revert the latest change about graphics back so we can continue to play. Otherwise they would be cutting away the player base with low-end PCs. If I were to able to buy a new device soon I wouldn’t ask this anyway.

Assuming this bug happens for 1 in 1000 for the unlucky guy with an old PC, it’s still a huge number overall for a game with tens of millions of players. Please do something about this.


Thanks for posting it here too Usolando, i’ll keep up voting it in both cos something needs to be done or i’ll me leaving like alot of players

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I’m a 35 year old woman who has to work and has a busy life. I travel a lot and so can’t move a PC around with me so I play on a laptop. I get a hour or so a night to play hearthstone, I don’t play any other games. So why would I have a new deck top. The game shouldn’t just be set up for pro gamers but even they are having issues with fps after the patch. I have played hearthstone for 3 years now and paid for every expansion. Its people like me with my none modern laptop that keeps the game free to play for everyone else. I just wanted you to know that i’m bad at the game so you have one less noob now to smash in arena. Blizzard are also limiting new players that can play.


I am also going to have to say goodbye to the game I love for now. I cannot afford a new machine and the game is unplayable. I’m sad I won’t get to use my new Hunter portrait or finish the expansion I’ve been enjoying.


Are they seriously going to ditch so many of us? i really expected this issu to be solved soon and i really had hope but i gess not.
Thanks anyway!


This part…

The latest update did include an engine update that is why the system requirements were also changed.

…could it not have been timed either before or after this event so that if the wanted to assess the impact on players, they could?

…or if they knew or suspected there would be an impact, announce it in advance? I’m not sure how realistic it was for them to know, but it is a shame that it has occurred now, during the event.


Thanks Usolando :confused: i keep voting ur post too

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Same with androids. Imagine a world where gaming companies ban you for your freedoms and makes their game buggy and unplayable.

3 GB for a kid’s card game, no options to tinker, never had any quality of life update… lets stop at this

Imagine that same world full of idiots that think a gaming company and the tech industry should allow them to play on dinosaur pc’s forever.

The dinos went extinct, ya know. Your failure or unwillingness to adapt is what makes the game unplayable.

Welcome to the real world trolls!

@Trollepico - get your soapbox out, your stupid FoSpeech argument is a little short. Have you EVER been outside?

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Imagine a world that embraces reduce, reuse, recycle – you know, like environmentalists do. I’ve heard there are a lot of them in California.

Forced obsolescence of functioning equipment is wasteful. A work around may be possible.


I’m having the exact same issue, I don’t even know what changes they made. Unless Blizzard makes an update, I’ll have to be going too, as I am unable to afford a modern PC.


I posted this response to Blizzard in the original thread, before seeing a post the indicated it should be directed here. I am copying the original post:

Ok Blizzard, I’m going to try and respond to your last post, which I feel completely missed the point.

Changing the system requirements is a sad but necessary process as newer systems come into the market. No one is arguing that point.

The point that you’re missing( as evidenced in your last, very formal post that completely lacked a response to the issue that many are addressing here), is that NO ONE gave a heads up to the many players- some of which spent money on your product, very recently- whose systems would suddenly no longer be supported on your platform.

From what I’ve seen in your response, Blizzard Support, is that the new engine developed recently required you to drop some older systems in order to progress in your game development. We all understand that( at least from what I’ve seen).

What everyone is complaining about( fittingly, I might add), is that none of us were told in advance. Setting proper expectations is part of good customer care, and in this instance you failed utterly.

At the very least you could address the issue head on instead of posting the same nonsense about our systems being outdated. They were NOT outdated last week.

It’s like going to the grocery store for the thousandth time and being told “Oh, we don’t take money anymore. It’s outdated.” The analogy doesn’t fit exactly, but can you see that some outrage would be appropriate in that case?

At the very least, please give everyone a straight answer on these questions:

Were our systems outdated last week?
If not, was anyone informed as to an update to the system requirements?
If not, what are you going to do for all the players who spent money recently, expecting that they would be able to play your game?

As a FTP player, I have no dog in this fight. I’m disappointed, but I can’t expect you to cater to me. You have, however, in my opinion, failed to cater to the many people who have supported you over the years, and to whom you DO owe some explanation.

Please respond with something other than “Your system is now outdated. I am a robot.”



@Theoden If you don’t like what 99% of the people in this thread are saying you can just go onto another one, its a big forum. Blizzard won’t do anything about it cos they are all about free speech…Ooooops, strike that lol.

We are getting black screens cos of older machines but people with new machines are getting issues with the patch too, its not just us. They have crashing issues and we have black screens.

If you lose even more players after everything that has happen you’ll not have anyone to play ageist. More and more players are leaving for other reasons, so yes fix it for your players that play older machines or soon Bliz won’t have any.

Also some warning before changing the min requirements would of helped out alot

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Don’t worry if you don’t get a reply anytime soon. A lot of the Dev’s staged a walk out so they don’t really have many in the office by the sounds of it. The HongKong thing hit them hard so the ones that didn’t walk out have a lot on their plate.

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Glad to hear that some people in corporate America have some moral backbone. Censorship should never be a prerequisite to ANYTHING, as without free exchange of ideas there can be no freedom.

Freedom of speech is the most important right we have, and those who fight for it( though I don’t support actual violence, in which some in Hong Kong have engaged) should be supported, loudly and vocally, worldwide, no matter the consequence.

This is off topic, so I’ll end it here. I’ll also be patient with those who decided to stay, and are working their butts off. I respect their loyalty, especially since it’s almost certainly true that some of them are uncomfortable or completely disagree with Blizzard’s recent decision on Hong Kong. It’s a difficult decision that involves sacrifice if you choose to stand up for morals, and people have to feed their kids too.


I hope they fix this soon the game is unplayable, this game is part of my life blizzard pretty please with a fat cherry on top just revert game back.


They might once the Mod’s Dev’s and others that walked out are back, I think Blizzard kinda has to let them back once it’s all sorted. They would have more outrage on their hands if they didn’t let them back.

That’s kinda obvious, since your account is only 12 hours old and all you’ve done since setting it up is to try getting it banned. You really want to protest then use your main account not one you just set up.


I’m still waiting a response from the devs…

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I am constantly reviewing the forum too, wainting for response

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