Constant Disconnect and Reconnect (PC)

Hello! I’m a pretty casual player and haven’t played in a bit and today when trying to play, I had constant messages saying I’d disconnected, followed by ones saying I was reconnecting. I’ve tried everything on the self help page regarding frequent connection issues, resetting my router, closing other apps, even uninstalling and re-installing the game.

To be clear it’s never force-exiting me from the game, just lagging very bad and saying “reconnecting” all the time.

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I’m having the same issue here and then on PC. I though PC would be fine since Blizzard can’t fix mobile issues with iOS Game Crashing on iPad Air [Main Thread] - IOS Crashing on Devices with 2GB/3GB RAM but there are still issues even on the PC lol

Some games are fine other are totally disconnecting. I wonder if Blizzard has protection agains’t lag switch hacking. :slight_smile:

Is there anyone with a fix for this? It’s not playable in this state.

I have been experiencing constant disconnects on PC. I mostly play BGs where it is especially bad. I tried clearing the Cache and reinstalling the game. I use different networks with the same result, so I don’t believe it’s that.

Same exact issue here using a Nubia red magic 5S gaming phone

Blizzard? Forum mod? Dad? Can anyone help?


we are feeling really scared and alone right now…
wouldnt be if we could stay connected…

Exact same situation here, not only on ladder, it is the same for duel, arena, and battleground. I will lose connection almost every turn and immediately it shows reconnecting after a quick “Not responding” on the top. Thanks to that it is almost impossible for me to play BG on PC and I have to forfeit some ladder games because I lost connection when the rope started (and it does matter a bit since I play on top 200 legend). I cannot tell if it is the game’s problem but I am certain it is not network’s fault (my friend has no problem with the same network). I would like to know some potential solutions although I have tried a fair amount.

Encountering this problem periodically on my IPAD mini, including a frustrating episode this morning. It started occurring two weeks ago in battlegrounds, but then seemed to right itself. This morning it came back. The connection seems completely fine and works perfectly smoothly on WOW and other games.

I tried updating the OS to IPADOS14.1. This seemed to resolve the disconnection issue but now I am having the game crash. Just played against another lock(both using N’Zoth) and game died twice during the game forcing game to be opened fresh. All feels v unstable atm.

Test other servers and see what happens. I have this issue only on Americas server, which is where my collection is.
I have brought it up with Blizzard and they said it is my providers fault, but its weird its only this server on this game with no issues on anything else.

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Yeah it’s definitely not my provider. I have a very strong connection and can play literally anything else with zero lag or connectivity problems. This is 100% unique to Hearthstone.

I’m not sure if everyones issue is the same OP’s, but I wanted to provide a possible resolution to the “Reconnecting” issue. Please try the following steps:

  1. Exit Hearthstone and the Blizzard Application.
  2. Login and wait for 1 minute until the screen states “Attempting to reconnect.” It should then say “Could not reconnect.”
  3. From there, start a Solo or Practice match and then concede.
  4. Restart Hearthstone and it should be working again.

For persistent issues, please try these steps afterwards:

  1. Close the Blizzard application and force-close the Hearthstone App.
  2. Reset the Blizzard Account password
  3. Let’s try the following steps:
  4. Press Windows key + R and type in %temp%
  5. Delete anything related to Blizzard or
  6. Do the same for %programdata%, %localappdata%, %appdata%
  7. Try a New Admin account .
    Login and try again.

This usually should resolve on its own after a few hours at most. Please let us know if any of the suggestions here has helped.

If the issue continues after 24 hours, please contact Customer Support team . If it exceeds 24 hours, we’ll need to check on our end to troubleshoot or have the issue escalated individually.

For those of you not experiencing the “reconnecting” issue, please create your own individual threads. Troubleshooting and keeping track of multiple different issues on one thread can become confusing.

Same issue with constant disconnects and reconnects. Battlegrounds is unplayable b/c I’ll run out of time. I keep checking back to see if they fix it. Looks like I need to spend my time elsewhere.