Constant Crashes on iOS


Retweeted to the ones I follow. Was thinking of adding Brode and our old HS CM here Jessie Hill…


So I upgraded to the new mini today which has a 12.2 IOS and better hardware obviously. I didn’t do this because of the above problem, but it works like a complete dream. There is zero evidence of any issue.

My old ipad mini had adequately played HS for 3/4 years up until IOS 12.1.4. But this IOS didn’t just affect HS, it affected all my games. They all started playing like crap. I hate to say it, but this is planned obsolescence in action. Its no mistake that this issue is affecting IPAD minis and airs. They both have new models out on this day.


I played 20 Games.
34x Crash today !
Please Roll back the Update.


I was on the old 12.1.3 iOS when I did the HS update on April 14 and right away the game started crashing and lagging.
They messed up something when they made the app smaller and they don’t know how (or don’t want) to fix it.


I was working fine for a month on iOS 12.1.4. Then as soon as the HS update came out… crash city! It’s not Apple and it’s not the new iOS. Something they did with making the app smaller screwed things up.


iPhone 6+

At least 5 uninstall



I’m actually sorry to say this but I am done, I have never felt so humiliated for something I payed a considerable amount of money and spend a lot of time in. This is beyond ridiculous and I am done . You treated us like a joke so good luck in receiving future payments for this game!, in under no circumstances I will ever spend a penny on this game after this . So goodbye and I will officially ask for compensation for this and not in packs but actual payment since the level of implication and caring about your community is 0. I do not accept to be treated like this on my money. So goodbye and at least you will learn something from this but i’m Pretty sure it’s all downhill ifor all games not just hearthstone.


Hey guys, since Blizzard is not interested in providing the entertainment, any good and PLAYABLE mobile strategy game (collectible card game preferred) is recommended to kill time during the way between office and home?


It’s official instead of rolling back the update blizzard is just going to leave us hanging. Activision is going to drive Blizzard into the ground and at this point I hope they do. Looks like I’m switching ti Elder Scrolls Legends full time


Elder Scrolls Legends that’s what I’m switching to


Emmm, thx mate. Looks not bad, just downloaded and tried in the office.


This Magic the gathering thing doesn’t seem bad at all as well…
We’re now pretty far from the actual topic/problem, but at this point, I clearly doubt someone is even reading… :frowning:

Ps : my set up, IOS and stuff, already been posted by other users… and of course i tried to re-install the app at least 10 times. PLEAAAAASE !


February 6th, 2019

  • We’re currently working to resolve an issue where using the Good Cheer card back on iphone devices can cause instability. In the meantime, affected players can switch to a different card back via the desktop app to play

HEY BLIZZARD, mind posting something about this in the actual THREAD WHERE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT IT?

Three WEEKS!! Our devices have had no solution for so long and there’s a known issue that I haven’t seen referenced SPECIFICALLY about apple iPhones on here. Will this help? Will you?

I posted about our problem in the general multiplayer discussion forum and had this OOOOOVVVEERRRRNIGHT!!!



Can anyone confirm that actually using a newer ipad solves this problem??


Yes, I can confirm this (brand new gen 6 iPad bought last week). The only problem I have seen is that the art for Treants is absent (white). I have not played a lot of different cards so this may occur with other cards.


I’ve been recently playing The Elder Scrolls since this issue with Hearthstone and I’m enjoying it! No issues, no freezing…much better.


As I was afraid of, unfortunately the solution to this problem seems to get a new iOS device. I understand their strategy from a business point of view (you want people to buy the newest products), but it is sad - to say the least - from a company & costumers/community relationship point of view.


Sure it’s going to work better on new devices… no doubt.
The thing here, is that it was working fine on our IOSs before they update the app


Yes, I would still prefer to play HS on my (2 years old; not ancient) iPad Mini.


I have an iPhone 6 and I am having repeated issues the Hearthstone app closing/crashing at random EVERY time I have it in use for more than a few minutes. When I say EVERY time I am not using hyperbole. It crashes when in game and when looking through the card collection. It will not stay active long enough for me to complete a game or build a deck. This morning in fact, I was playing a game with a friend and had the app crash 6 times throughout the course of the game. Please understand this is not a connection issue because the app window is spontaneously closing itself. This has caused me no small amount of consternation.
It has only been occurring since the newest patch was released. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times. I have also reset my phone. Nothing seems to be solving the problem. Any suggestions and solutions anyone may have will be most welcome.


Latest patch note said nothing about a fix for iOS! So are we just going to be left in the dust and forgotten about!

If that’s the case I want a refund of every single penny that I’ve spent on this game since I primarily play on mobile