Constant Crashes on iOS


Normally the run up to a new expansion is super exciting, but all i’m experiencing now is frustration that I have not generated enough gold to get decent cards.

I’m not looking for compensation, i’m looking for a fix.

Can someone explain the hold up?


I decided to test it - installed HS and ran it on my wife’s new(er) ipad today… 30 minutes of crash-free gaming, 4 or 5 games straight on ranked, no disconnects. I think I’m leaning towards the older device having a problem with the way they are doing sounds and graphics. My ipad mini is constantly crashing after finishing a game exactly at the point where the screen has to transition from game board to the navigation screen. Also, my ipad mini crashes in-game when a “big effect” happens requiring sound and animations… flame strike, legendary minion animations, etc…


Blizzard should have known this was going to happen on older devices. They gave no update on devices that would be compatible for hearthstone they just let the update roll out without telling us now some people have spent $50 or more on the bundles and won’t even get to play it


Apparently there is a new patch out? Someone already tested it?


Patch still isn’t out as of 2:36 CNT and in the patch notes there was no mention of a fix so only time will tell.


My son’s iPad Mini 4 (bought in January) seems to be working fine.


PC got an update just now. But my ios did not update.

Can Blizzard please confirm if this is going to be fixed on ios? I


Do you know if this will be fixed before expansion on April 9th? If not can we get a refund if we spent money on the “big” preorder bundles. Seems only fair as we can’t play on the devices in which you say we can.


Updating HS on my iPad mini. We will see. monkaS

UPDATE: I played 3 games in a row without crashing! POG


iOS HS just got updated on Korean App Store. (April 5th :clock730: 7:30 am UTC +9)
I only have Korean Apple ID so I can’t tell about other regions.
Check your country’s App Store.
edit 1: Succeeded in making a deck without crash. (iPhone 6 A1586, iOS 12.2)
edit 2: Finished a match without crash. (iPad Air A1474, iOS 12.2)


I don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up, but I haven’t had a crash since installing the new patch today on my iPad mini 2.


Just updated the game. Places where the game used to crash don’t appear to be crashing anymore. I can start and finish a practice game. I can navigate my collection without crashing. Played one tavern brawl, no crash. I will update if there is an issue, but so far, so good.


Game doesn’t seem to be crashing on iPad anymore


iPad mini 2. No crashes so far but I got a secret disconnect (my opponent’s turn lasted several minutes, his cards staying in the air). Had to restart the iPad to get back into HS.


I didn’t see a new patch download (might have missed it, was doing two things at once). But I’m playing on my older iPad mini with no crashes. But I’m still seeing blank Treants. Anyone else seeing this?


No crash in brawl and ranked play, so far, and without the downloading of asset data. However the “compensation” is … hard to describe.


Today’s patch (4/4) seems to have stabilized the issue. On one hand, thank you for this now apparently being fixed, but on the other, what about the time/gold lost pre new expansion…



I didn’t see any notice of a patch, of course I find out about it from other users and not from any blizzard source. it seems they F I N A L L Y rolled back the asset download and let us play again.

Heroes don’t have sounds.


GAME STILL CRASHES with asset download rollback.


Do you mean still crash after a full download of the asset?


Patch downloaded and it works!
Device: iPad Air

Thank you. finally!