Constant Crashes on iOS


Yes that is unfortunate the truth.

We are ignored because we do not deserve a rolling back or any bandage fix in business perspective. And of course we do not deserve any compensation larger than 10 golds as well.


Its much more lucrative for them to keep the buggy code and have us low life’s complain than it is to roll the latest release back and lose all those preorders


They bent over backwards for the brain dead people that complained about a portrait that was apparently showing off too much.


oh look, the joke’s over. we can continue back to being able to play. just gonna log on here. . and, :frowning:


Blizzard is apparently trying for the world’s longest running joke. Sadly it’s on us.


Almost 3 weeks. Unreal ! :face_with_monocle:


Could we have support from pro players (kripparian,thijs exc) for having some visibility? Or they don’t care about this problem?


It’s amazing how I just got a e-mail from blizzard saying… “Simba, Pre-Release Card Viewing Is Back for Rise of Shadows!(…) Come and join us on the pre-release!”. How am I supposed to do so if I can’t get the game to work!!!
Priorities… seams more important to shower me with unimportant messages and propaganda than to fix your on house and it’s mistakes… well played! :expressionless:


iPhone 6 Plus


Recent upgrade of the IOS to 12.2 version did not change anything .
Game still crashing as previous …!!:smirk::smirk::triumph:


Blizzard, are we going to be able to play on April 9?


Been waiting for days, even weeks by now for a fix.
Can I please just have both preordered expansionpacks refunded. The €130,- seems kinda wasted right now, and I’d much rather quit this game all together by now…

Anyone who can tell me how to get a refund?


Contact support, if you bought it from the iOS store you’re going to have to to go through them


Blizzard has a “all sales are final” policy but they might make a exception since the app doesn’t work.
You can also try through iOS.
Or call your credit card company to get the charge reversed.
I can’t post links in the forum.


They ought to offer refunds for any apple user and at least half price discounts for preorder if apple users would have any reason to play when this gets fixed.


Considering the complete lack of communication and sympathy towards us, I doubt they will offer anything. I hope so tho. :thinking:


Help ben brode !!!:grinning:


“Help me, Obi Ben KenBrode…you’re our only hope!”


I can’t start a game. When i press ‘game’ the app close itself.
I use an ipad Air with iOS 12.
I already reinstalled because last days app was closing after the end of a game, now i can’t play…


I’ve played this since the beginning and easily spend up to 1000.00 bucks on this game. Guess I am a whale. If you can’t fix this refund every penny I’ve spent please. I’ve already started playing Elder Scrolls online (cause it works) so you are losing one of your good customers who helps funds this game.