Constant Crashes on iOS

  • iPad mini 2nd gen

Game crashes after every match, sometimes at the start as well.


Ditto. Apple and blizz are struggling to play nice together


Thanks Blizzard, I totally didn’t want to play my favorite decks one last time in Standard before rotation. /s


Way to start a new year Blizzard, by making sure an entire subset of players are unable to play, I’m sure it’ll be fine, I mean It’s not like your’re under increased pressure at the moment or anything, Activision are known for their relaxed attitude towards costs right?


I actually have a conspiracy that this was Activision’s (formally known as Blizzard) plan. To release an update so atrocious that everyone is forced to play on their phones which as we know is what Activision wants

  • iPad Mini
  • latest OS (always)
  • multiple re-installs
  • wi-fi, mobile data and tethered

When can we expect an update? This is getting ridiculous.


Just checked the ticket I put in two weeks ago for this and it’s marked as resolved. Though it’s clearly not resolved. Are they just marking all these tickets as resolved now. Does that mean they have given up on ios? The future of Diablo Immortal is looking very bleak.


I tried the “fix” where you stop the asset package download and my iPad mini 2 still crashes a lot (after a game, beginning and sometimes during). Maybe it’s a bit better but it’s far from good.


After all, the March season has ended without improvement. While all players are looking forward to the new environment, it is a tragedy that only iOS players have suffered such damage. By updating the new environment implementation I hope the player’s damage will be compensated.
Goodbye Hearthstone.


iPad. Crashes randomly while making a deck and 100% of the time when queuing a game other than the first game of the day.


yup, march 31st, haven’t found any fixed update news yet

UPDATE : still crashes. I got your back, guys.


I see, they will not fix it. Unless they have to publish an update for other purpose and they have prepared the fix coincidentally.


Times up, Blizzard. Uninstalling.


Guess they are all checking out the new Jaina statue which pretty much sums up Blizzard’s current quality control, customer service, and programming prowess.


I really afraid that, it is something that apple did for old models. We know that, apple is famous for making old model phone, ipad and computers slower.they proved it, but it seems it is keep going on same thing. it seems that problem is 99% iphone 6 and 6s. but i dont understand is, it was working pretty well before HS update.


Iphone 5
latest iOS
wifi and cellular

crashes mid game nearly every game…losing a turn with time to relaunch and reconnect.
crashes after game ends…50% of time
crashes with opponents Jania hero power while golden cards are in play
crashes flipping pages in collection
often laggy to the point of losing turn right before crashing


I want to tell you something I am now playing on iphone 5 ios 10.2 play works great things no one was not a game not knock out. so it’s a problem in the game itself. the game conflicts with the new firmware. So if the iphone 5 supports the game then ipad air should be the same.


Maybe this is all a very long and cruel April Fool. monkaS


I guess with no update, we’re probably not getting a fix tomorrow.


I’m guessing we don’t matter because our names aren’t Disguised Toast, Thijs, or Kripparian.

No maintenance note or anything so they’re trying to hide the problem like hiding a dirty pair of underwear. Bet we don’t get compensated either.