Constant Crashes on iOS


Blizzard, If it is the assets, may I suggest removing all the hero sayings, and get rid of cards that are seldom played until the asset crash stops happening. I don’t play wild and would prefer not to play any solo games as well so take those sounds and images out


Device: iPhone 6S
Reinstalled: Yes
Version: 12.1.4

Crashes during and after games and during browsing my collection.


Has anyone thought of rolling back the last update? Most Programmers would’ve done this by now.


It seems a little ridiculous that this is going on almost 2 weeks and very few updates have been provided and nothing is resolved. Very unprofessional for something that many of us have put a lot of money into. You are creating a horrible reputation from this.


So many expansions preordered and two weeks of being unable to play on my iPhone. I grinded a month to finish up paladin golden hero, planned on doing this for priest but I simply can’t get to play the game most of the time. Been in since beta with no downtime comparable to this and the most i’m getting back is along the lines of

sorry, nothing to fix it. No eta or knowledge if it actually will be fixed.

No incentive to provide information cause the response is blizzard knows about it and not even an update more than a few days apart.

I don’t like to focus on this, but this usually is my release from daily stuff and currently it just isn’t.


just want to update, another day of no gold cause i’m disconnected 3 matches and decided that was enough,sittting at 7,500 gold should easily be 8,000+ ,side note have already preordered and the way it looks i’m not gonna be able to do anything with it cause it also crashing while trying to do anything with your collection, but hey at least we know they working right,ohhh yea no official response so we don’t even know that,first time i have ever been disappointed with blizzard


Just want to confirm this temporary workaround does work for me. Thanks a lot!


Also, how are having posts completely out of chronological order? Are we being filtered for image?


Here comming from French support I have the same problem since 1 week with ios as well loosing arena and rankedbecause I’m getting disconnect or the turn never end getting tired of it it’s working perfectly with computer but when I’m playing with phone it’s just a nightmare.
I don’t ask for any compensation just please fix this problem as soon as you can many players are just trying to do daily quest without ranked as we are loosing 3/4 of the games without finishing the game.
If you providing phone version please make sure we can play otherwise just suspend it and we will stop wasting our time by trusting you. I don’t have nothing against you but getting really tired to loose game by disconnect without possibility to reconnecting and loosing automatically game without any connectivity specially Wi-Fi on my friend computer using the same one of my phone 30cm from the box and I’m almost disconnect every turn.

Thanks for understanding mobile player


To everybody who is struggling with iPhone/iPad, after reinstalling Hearthstone, wait till the blue progress bar is full, then immediately click the asset downloading option and disable both. After doing this, you won’t have any animation or sound effects, but at least you can play games and disenchant cards again.


A workaround without sound or animations? Thanks for the advice but it’s more than half the interest for me. My opinion, I’ll pass on that.


When is this issue going to get resolved? It is beyond ridiculous atm.


It’s starting to become a matter of “If” not “When”.


Maybe we should bring this issue on Reddit? getting it public might force an answer out of Blizzard?

I can’t believe we have not been acknowledged this widespread issue here. Look, Hearthstone is the game I spend the most on in a year, hundreds of dollars. Now if I can’t play on my iPad anymore it is worthless to me. Blizzard can forget any more dollar from me on this game. Just the way this situation is being handled, with no communication, is scandalous.

I know there has been layoffs, but there should be people still making sure this game is PLAYABLE. I am now very mad at this whole game, this is unacceptable.


You figure they could have at least beta-tested the update before rolling it out.


Can you explain that with more details for the not tech savvy? monkaS


I think I did what you were suggesting. Blocked the assets downloading. But still crashes unfortunately.


On a trip and thus forced to use IPad. This stinks. Games take forever. Crashes 3-4 times per game. Can’t believe this is supposed to be a mobile game.

Just another example of ATVI not caring about their players or products. Glad I unsubbed WoW and this is last paid HS expansion. You have lost a whale and even Classic WoW is unlikely to bring me back.


Same problem here. My sense is that this is a problem with iOS, not hearthstone. Or maybe a bit of both. I don’t want to get all conspiratorial, but apple have a new mini coming out this week and need people to buy it. Suddenly performance of mini goes through the floor. My other games are performing like absolute crap too, so I don’t think it’s just hearthstone.

Aside from that, game is basically unplayable for me at present. Constant crashes when matchmaking and game can’t cope with gold cards and crashes after every single game.

Running iPad mini, iOS 12.1.4. Problem did not exist before 12.1.4, but I appreciate the hs update and the iOS update came on the same day.


What are you talking about?? iOS 12.1.4 came out over a month before HS 13.4. I had zero issues with playing HS after iOS 12.1.4 released and the game started crashing right after HS 13.4 released.