Compensation for Certain Cards from Classic Packs

I opened my golden pack along with my Barren ones and got a golden cenarius which is only usable in wild, I notice that cenarius isn’t listed as a card that would be refunded is this intentional?

Yes, it’s intentional.

And stupid.

I bought both the fxking classic bundles, got 3 duplicate legendaries ,one duplicate golden legendary and none of those in HoF. Now just 2k dusts refunded.

Ya thank you blizz.


I feel completely scammed from the classic bundles. I bought them to get the classic format exclusive cards, and instead I got nothing but duplicates from the standard classic set. Big deal I’ll get dust from the brightwing I opened, doesn’t really make up for all the cards I STILL don’t have for classic format after I give you $40 to get any of them…


Thanks for the compsensation!!!

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One of my 2 random legendaries that was with the Classic bundle was Brightwing, the other was Black Knight.

I have not received a dust refund for Brightwing. What do I do?

I received only only 500 dust, however I purchased the golden classic bundle and received a golden High Inquisitor Whitemane as my legendary that was included in the bundle - why was I not refunded 3200 dust for this?

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I got a Golden Icicle from the golden classical pack.

Now I got only 400 dust refund. Shouldn’t it be 1600?

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I got a Brightwing from the legendaries on one of the bundles and I didnt get dust from that one


I got a golden Natalie Seline from the recent bundle, but no dust for me:(


I didn’t get a full refund. I got a golden Whitemane, plus a few other cards like Tome of Intellect. I got 2400 dust. For golden Whitemane, I should get 3200 dust alone plus full dust for whatever other cards I got that also aren’t in Classic.

Anyone else think they were short-changed on their compensation?


I got 800 dust, but i got a natalie Selime from my BUNDLE, not packs, as far as im (and probably everybody else except blizz) concerned, that should be an extra 1600

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I got 400 dust compensation for the cards in the list I opened BUT what about the legendaries granted in the bundle? I got high inquisitor whitemane :sob:


I got a total of 2450 dust in refund but i had a golden whitemane. Dosnt a full refund mean 3200 dust or am i wrong.


Same here. I got a golden Whitemane as a guaranteed golden legendary from golden bundle, but all I got is 1200 dust (I stopped opening packs when I saw I am getting wrong cards, still have 15 normal classic packs and 5 golden).


Lets dance, Blizzard.

Any Aussies affected by this?

Open a ticket:

The EULA states:

"If you are a resident of Australia, the benefits provided to you by this Limited Warranty are in addition to other rights or remedies you may have under local laws related to the goods to which the warranty applies. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. The provisions of this clause containing the Limited Warranty and the clause containing the Limitation of Liability and Indemnity below apply only to the extent permitted by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).The entitlement to a replacement or a refund for a major failure is not subject to Blizzard’s option. To submit a warranty claim to Blizzard, please call 1800 041 378 or send to PO Box 544, Pyrmont NSW 2009 Australia. The user is responsible for the costs of returning media to Blizzard.

This is a major failure, if its not then its blatant false advertising.

Due to the blatant false advertising involved on the 2 bundles, Aussies (sorry rest of the world) are entitled to full refunds without having their in game currencies affected.

And if its good enough for Aussies, then its gotta be global.

Now I wish I had bought one of the bundles just to be able to stick it to 'em personally, but there you go forumites from Aus. You have a legal stance to argue now!


Maybe Blizz just doesn’t understand the gravity of this issue and thinks they solved it?

Blizz made 2 problems with this loot table bug.

  1. Legacy cards should not have been included in pack/bundle loot table, but were.
  2. HoF cards should have been included in pack/bundle loot table, but were not.

Problem 1 is easy to fix and is a relatively minor compensation.
Problem 2 is hard to fix and requires that they give more.

Problem 1 didn’t even get fixed fully. Apparently, Blizzard gave compensation for Legacy cards pulled from packs, but not compensation from Legacy legendaries pulled from bundle bonuses, which people paid actual money for.

Problem 2 appears like it is just being ignored even though it’s the larger problem, because lots of people bought these bundles and opened packs to use dupe protection to get the last few HoF cards they needed.

I don’t really expect anyone at Blizz to care enough to fix this stuff; they must feel really demoralized for corporate reasons. But, if nothing gets done here, there will be a lot of good, loyal customers who are going to feel equally let down. And these are the kind of customers who buy Classic packs during a new expansion launch (lol).

What do you think will happen to Hearthstone’s bottom line when such whales go free to play, or just quit altogether, because they were made to feel foolish for buying extra stuff from Blizz? It doesn’t make good business sense to breed distrust among your most loyal, highest-spending customers.

Maybe if there’s a Blizz employee who still cares about Hearthstone, they can show this thread to the string-pullers at corporate and get some results? Help corporate see that sometimes caring for the bottom line and caring for your customers are the same thing.

I’m not really expecting a proper solution here, but if nobody at Blizz cares enough about Hearthstone to support the game properly, then why should I?


I don’t think I have got any dust refunded as there is no pop-up when I opened this up. I have a golden Whitemane so am expecting 3,200 dust. I still have it in my collection.

Have raised a ticket to blizz to check. hope they can investigate.

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I had the same copy pasted reply in my ticket

A friend of mine got Brightwing as a bonus legendary from the bundle and he received 3240 dust. I guess he also got some common from the list, that’s why they noticed him. Since I haven’t received anything for my Natalie Seline, I guess, there was no other cards from the list above in my packs.

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