Celebrating Lunar New Year in Hearthstone!

Celebrating Lunar New Year in Hearthstone!

Lunar New Year brings new quests, a fan favorite tavern brawl, and new Three Kingdoms Hero skins!

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Looking good sir thanks

they didnt include the price of the valeera bundles D:


5999 рублей за праздник на банкете.

Fan favorite tavern brawl, yeah right. As far as I’m concerned, all the ones where you get a random card deck have been more or less crap. That said, the skins look awesome. I wish they included packs in the bundle so I’d have a reason to buy them.


I think its not Valeera bundle its just skin.We get valeera bundle once valeera Book Of Heroes unlocks

Does these skins have new emotes or just default emotes?


So based on what I know of the actual history (mixed with a little bit of Dynasty Warriors) it looks to me like the models are after…
Rogue: Lady Zhen
Priest: Zhuge Liang
Warrior: Lu Bu
Paladin: Not sure (maybe Zhang Liao)? But I feel like it’d be someone from Wu and he’s also Wei. Damn, now I really wanna know.

All in all, I really like this and will definitely be buying.

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You can actually find the skins in the skin collection in game. They’re just locked for now.

It’s actually Guan Yu. you can see the portraits on the portrait collection. :smiley:

This is great and all but when is the Blizz team getting around to fixing year+ old bugs like the “First place player automatically gets second place in battlegrounds”? It still happens as of yesterday and its been happening since at least early 2020… there are others but this one is terribly frustrating to those of us using your new achievement system…

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I wrote what was happening in my life.

At first I thought the portrait skins were random non-wow related pictures. It isn’t very clear from the post. Just looked at them in game (locked) - great artwork - and they are variations of existing heroes (e.g. Uther, Valeera, Garosh and Anduin). Awesome.

New acc cant duel must be lvl 10 pls fix it

Huang Zhong hunter would be good

do u think it will have new emotes?

Dear team, I am unable to run hearthstone on iPad for the past 2 weeks. Hearthstone stops at the beginning while the logo is shown. Please help!

No battlegrounds update?

I need to share a thing about these news, well days ago in Americas Server I got this event with all he special quests, I guess … I’m not sure either.

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