Celebrating Lunar New Year in Hearthstone!

Down with xinese kommunist party. And down with apologists like Lizzard. F you.


Where are the legendary quests? Game and shop updated, no sign of the legendary quests.


There’s a typo in their article. It was released a couple weeks ago. It should of said something like January 19 to February 23 instead of February 9 to February 23.

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t announced some great changes however I completely despise their new hero portrait bundle “Three kingdoms”.

I am okay with nearly all portraits they put out because they either come from an idea in warcraft or at least fit in warcraft. These are just crappy things themed around real world history and do not fit into warcraft at all. This is not what I want to see with new cosmetics.

They were doing good with the mini set plus these announced new changes. Then they ruin it. Being able to buy the entire set for either a major gold cost or for a fixed price would be a good move. They did it for the mini set and they may do it in the future for expansions. That would be amazing. To offset their normal profits from selling packs they would obviously need to ramp up the creation and sale of cosmetics. These 4 new portraits are not a good indicator of what they plan though.

Why isn’t the Mini bundle purchasable with gold, like the old Mini bundle? What happened to the precedent of greater accessibility the team was trying to improve on? Can you please make the mini set purchasable for 2000 gold, same as the last one?

I just realized some of the voice lines are the same… ugh lol

Emotes are different though…but when you concede it’s the same as your regular class.

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Wait, so are you saying there are no upcoming quests for packs?

When will the new legendary quests be active?

So they created a typo and set the expectation that said for the 9th of February till the 23…

I"M sorry but that’s not our fault that someone at Blizzard made that mistake. That’s something they should actually follow through with because I was expecting to get new legendary quests from today till the 23rd. That’s a huge slap in the face if they don’t actually give us legendary quests again.

“Good fortune is coming your way! New Legendary quests rewarding a total of 9 card packs from Madness at the Darkmoon Faire and Scholomance Academy will be available from February 9 through February 23!”

It’s VERY clear that they said starting today till the 23rd that we are getting new legendary quests for 9 more packs.


Hey Mr. Suicide Forest!

I agree with you, a typo by Blizzard isn’t our fault. Give us the quests!

After doing a little research, it looks like there may be another reason why we didn’t receive them. I’m not 100% certain, but I do recall getting the legendary quest line several weeks ago. I read an article which shares a response by Blizzard mentioning that those quests lines were accidently released with patch 19.4.1, and that some players prematurely received the quests. They go on to mention that players who did receive the quests would not receive them again when the Lunar New Year was released.

Not sure if this applies to you or not, but could be the reason why some players (not sure if every player is having the same issue), are not receiving the quest chain today. My nephew checked his account just now and he does have the quest line (never got it 3 weeks ago). This is a likely explanation over the “typo” theory.


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When that happened they said…

It’s a little past NEW YEARS, and a LITTLE EARLY for LUNA NEW YEAR… blah blah blah… here are some legendary quests.

SO they F’d up. BIG TIME

And le-A Name isn’t SUICIDE FOREST!

If you got the legendary quests packs before, then you won’t get them now.

It’s amazing. I love it

Of note however, Lu Bu’s background and animation wasn’t showing up in the store preview

I don’t think that Hearthstone should be handicapped by WoW. I love the new portraits, and only wish that the bundle included packs too.

I don’t understand why only Anduin and Uther are available for seperate purchase, but the others are not… I just want the Valeera and I am forced to buy a 15 euro bundle? … Like why…

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thx for the new content

About that I didn’t get any of the prizes you posted about pleas if you could to checkout my prizes agean

Sorry, but when will this series of legendary quests be?

I didn’t get any of the legendary quests on 02.09.2021 and didn’t get them awhile back too.
what should I do?

I didn’t get them now and before.I didn’t get anything

I have not received any new quests, will they come later or smth? The article states event started two days ago.

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