Card Library and Card API - Launched

Hey everyone!

We’ve just released a new Card Library where you can browse all of Hearthstone’s cards. We designed this library with performance and usability for both desktop and mobile users in mind, and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this new website feature. Please send us your feedback on this thread so we can make it even better!

On top of the card library, we are also releasing the Card API (which powers the card library) for public use! Fellow developers, we have official documentation here to answer any questions on how it works. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the API, please let us know here.

Thanks for reading! There’s more to come from us and we can’t wait to share. :wink:


Why is a regular (non-blue) poster announcing this when it’s hosted at the official blizzard site ? Shouldn’t there be a blue announcement for this?

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Issue has been fixed!


I have been playing with this for a while now and I can say that this library is great, it fixes much, if not all of the problems of the collection manager issues.
Filters are easy to access AND combine, which is always a pain in game. The addition of new filters like “sort by” and “keyword” are such amazing tools for deck building since you can concentrate in what you are looking for instead of trying to remember options where you might find what you need.

The information on single card display is absolutely amazing it has all the information about the card (including artist and flavor text) and for the first time (and I have been complaining about this for a long time) depiction of tokens, hero powers and other noncollectable cards that might be produced by the card, this is absolutely essential in order to evaluate a card correctly, specially in wild or with effects that might change over time (lackeys) .
The little sway on cards as you hover over them is nice too.
It is an absolutely appreciated tool! Thank you!

Now for some feedback if you’ll have it:
1.- Given that this is a library, having an option to see golden cards (and animations) would be really appreciated.
2.- The size of cards in the general display might be a bit to large, you can’t really see more than one and a half rows of cards (less than the manager in game) which males browsing through a lot of cards a bit annoying, a slight reduction might make the experience a bit more friendly to the eyes.

And an honest question just to finish, how hard would it be to add this to the in game manager? (I understand it might be a bit on the heavy side for mobile)

Once again, thank you and keep up the good work!

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Edited above but API Documentation is now live at -

Thanks for the quick feedback!

Golden cards is something we’re trying to add but I cannot give a time frame on. Completely agree that it’d be great.

For card size: could you tell me what size screen you’re browsing on? Mobile?

For your final question, I’ll pass along the feedback and thank you!

I am using a laptop 1920x1800 display.

I don’t think I can post a screen shot here, but I can email you one if you think it might help.

Good to know you guys actually care for feedback!

Thank you for doing this! I was hoping classic and basic cards would be added to the website for a while now, and the new library is really great. I especially like that you can see the flavor text for all the cards!

Did you happen to mean 1920x1080? That one has some issues similar to what you’re describing, so we’ll take a look!

Yes, sorry, typed to fast.

Feedback regarding the card library:

  • Filters could be a bit more robust. Doesn’t seem to be any way to combine searches for keywords or classes, so you can’t easily search for a card with Lifesteal and Taunt, or look in both Shaman and Neutral cards.
  • Can’t search for those things by hand either since the text search seems to just be an exact match of the complete string. Can’t search “Give Divine Shield” and get cards with all of those words. Also can’t search “Taunt Lifesteal” by hand without missing minions that instead have “Lifesteal Taunt”, or “Taunt, Lifesteal”.
  • Can’t search for keywords easily regardless because the text it searches through still includes formatting tags. Can’t find Legendary minions (e.g. The Storm Bringer), you actually have to type out Legendary</b> minions. Same with damage and healing values - can’t search for Deal 6 damage, it has to be Deal @6 damage.
  • It’d be nice if there was a way to search through - or at least link to - uncollectible cards. Seems tokens that spawn in games have their data there: I can link to Stoneclaw Totem and The Ancient One, but some of the weirder ones like Frostmourne and Hero Powers display a blank page, and adventure cards after Naxx just 404.
  • The “Standard Cards”/“All Cards” banner with the prominent “Buy card packs” button takes up way more space than it needs to on mobile. On two occasions I’ve unintentionally clicked that button while trying to select the text box while page assets are loading.
  • The keyword filter doesn’t seem to consider the abilities of the card, only the text. So for example, Skycap’n Kragg does not show up in a search for the Charge keyword.
  • Would also be nice if card pages showed their entourage/child cards, so Ysera could actually show the 5 Dream cards.

Thanks Jetz for the detailed feedback - super helpful!

I’ve got these entered into the queue with several fixes in flight. A few are much deeper to resolve but we’re taking a look.

I will be posting a changelog on these forums each time we release bug fixes or improvements.


This is really, really awesome. Keep up the excellent work!

Is this perhaps laying the groundwork for our own shareable collections? It would be a massive help for folks coming to the forums for deck/build advice if we could see what they had available in their collection to work with.

6/13 changelist

  • Added “Immune” to keywords list
  • You may now direct link to Hero Powers and Non-Class cards (Ex: Fireblast, Frostmourne, Ysera Awakens, etc)
  • Justicar Trueheart is now showing the correct card art
  • Having to use an “@” is no longer needed when searching a number of something (Ex: “Deal @6 damage” is now “Deal 6 damage”)
  • Spirit of the Rhino now shows correctly as a 0-Attack minion
  • Fixed several Hall of Fame cards from not appearing
  • Skycap’n Kragg will now properly Charrrrrge, matey
  • Murloc Tinyfin has joined the fight

We appreciate the kind words!

That said - I can neither confirm nor deny the laying of groundwork.

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Totally understandable, mainly just wanted to provide feedback that such a feature would be a great resource for the community as well. Great work!

Still not having any luck with the ones I try - Fireblast, Frostmourne, Ysera Explodes. Screen looks blurry for a second or so as if it’s loading up a card page, but then I get a mini-fied console error and everything between the header and footer goes blank. Jaina works fine (though someone should look into getting a hero card template without a gem socket) so I’m under the impression that plugging the DBID into the URL should be enough. The other updates for the page seem to have gone through.

We found what the issue was on this one. Fix forthcoming. Thanks again for the diligence. :+1:

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Hey, Ian! I would like to thank you very much for the card gallery on the site!

A few comments, I hope will be fixed:

  1. Ysera: no Dream card in Related Cards.
  2. Blastmaster Boom: no Boom Bots in Related Cards.

I also wanted to ask the question: do you plan to create a deckbuilder on the site? Also, do you plan to add sound cards (play\attack\death) on the site?

(sry for my english ^^)

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