Card Library and Card API - Launched

(Ian Shepherd) #21

Thanks SoVa for the feedback!

Ysera and Blastmaster Boom - yes, we’ve got these two on our backlog to fix the related cards section.

Deckbuilder and card sounds - great suggestions! This forum is the first place to know if we were to add new features, fix bugs, etc on the web.


Wow, this is super nice. Why is this not announced or at least mentioned in the community section. Here I hardly found out just now.

How do I find “cards” like Fireblast, Frostmourne or Jaina on the website?


Until some means is added to search for them, you’ll need their DBID. Not sure if there’s an elegant way to get that. The API could probably tell you, and it’s in the CardDefs file, but neither is particularly user friendly. Some card databases will have them, but most won’t search through uncollectibles, or won’t bother storing data on them at all, or aren’t up to date, or will even reorganize the cards with new IDs. Personally I use a Discord bot to look them up.

If you get your hands on the ID, you can just plug it into the end of the URL, e.g.:

(Ian Shepherd) #24

6/20 changelist

  • On mobile resolutions with a slower connection, header will no longer bounce when loading.
  • Some keywords in Polish and Italian no longer being cut off.
  • Fixed many issues with card descriptions being inaccurate.
  • Ysera, Blastmaster Boom, Justicar Trueheart, and Kazakus have had their related cards added to card detail view.
  • Deep linking should now function properly for abilities like Frostmourne.


Yikes, Kazakus does not translate well to this format. Not sure how that could be improved.

Anyway onto more stuff:

  • Hagatha’s related card Drustvar Horror exposes the placeholder tags, “Cast {0} and {1}.” There’s a different generic version I’ve seen in game when one is copied by Duplatransmogrifier which says “Cast a card and another card.” Might look into using that placeholder text for renders; it looks a bit nicer.
  • Cut From Jade, the choice card for Jade Idol, also displays placeholder tags where the stats should be.
  • Jade Golem doesn’t have a keyword tooltip In the learn more section. Spare Part doesn’t either, but those are shown in the related section. Lackey is displayed in both.
  • Start of Game cards have a “Learn more” section but no actual link or tooltip.
  • Deathstalker Rexxar seems to have an entourage based on an old design of his hero power. It includes a bunch of random beasts that were presumably associated with him at one point.
  • Twinspell cards include their non-twinspell copy in their related cards. Technically correct but kinda breaks the illusion that the two cards are the same one.
  • Unstable Evolution has its deprecated token variant in related cards.
  • Neutral heroes seem to be rendered in gold, seen in Executus’ Ragnaros, and any that are linked to directly.
  • Whizbang the Wonderful has his Hero version from the menu as a related card. Zayle does not.
  • Gadgetzan cross class “gang” cards don’t make any mention of the quirk in their details. Their class just says “Neutral”. The only indicator is the banner in the render, which only shows one of the three classes.
  • Cards that generate specific collectible minions or tokens shared with other cards often don’t have them show up in related cards. The ones I could find: Force of Nature, Spreading Plague, Tending Tauren, Dark Whispers, Landscaping, Bear Trap, Venomstrike Trap, Bomb Toss, Ball of Spiders, To My Side, Boommaster Flark, Call of the Wild, Arrogant Crusader, Stand Against Darkness, Spikeridged Steed, Light of the Naaru, Beneath the Grounds (the Nerubian), Voltaic Burst, Soul of the Murloc, anything that summons basic totems, anything that summons Silver Hand Recruits, Thunderhead, Windshear Stormcaller, Rafaam’s Scheme, Void Lord, Cornered Sentry, Val’kyr Soulclaimer, Whirliglider, Imp Master, Vryghoul, Microtech Controller, Explodinator, Portal Overfiend, Onyxia, Mekgineer Thermaplugg, Halazzi the Lynx, Flame Geyser, Ghastly Conjurer, Steam Surger, Archmage Antonidas, Rhonin, any cards that give coins besides Gallywix, Razorpetal Lasher, Bone Baron, Spark Engine, Igneous Elemental, Kabal Chemist, Arfus, Recruiter, Mukla Tyrant of the Vale, Clockwork Goblin, Wrenchcalibur, Troggzor the Earthinator, Potion of Polymorph, Baku the Mooneater.
  • Others I’ve found with missing related cards: Gelbin Mekkatorque, Arch-Thief Rafaam, Animal Companion, Mirror Image, Spellbender, Vilefin Inquisitor, Feral Spirit, Bloodreaver Gul’dan, Razorfen Hunter, Harvest Golem, Pantry Spider, The Voraxx, Silver Hand Knight, Stalagg (missing Feugen), Feugen (missing Stalagg and Thaddius), The Beast, Twin Emperor Vek’lor, Sated Threshadon, Marin the Fox (the treasures), anything that mentions C’Thun, Jaraxxus (missing hero power and hero power token), Lady in White (mentions Inner Fire), Druid of the Claw (combined form), Druid of the Saber (combined form), Druid of the Flame (combined form), Elise Starseeker, Tinkmaster Overspark, Polymorph, Hex.
  • When direct linking anything weird like a Hero Power or Death Knight card, the field with the uncommon value (e.g. type, class) isn’t filled in. Doesn’t affect any intended pages right now, just something to note for the future.


Hey! А few more cards for which there are no Related Cards (or tokens):

  • Gelbin mekkatorque
  • The Beast
  • The voraxx
  • Soul of the murloc
  • Polymorph

Also do not add new basic and classic cards from patch 14.6.

Thx for you feedback.


Similar to the keyword argument before regarding the filter.

Typing in legendary in the search box does not select the keyword, but the card texts. This is irritating because not consistent with the in game collection manager.


It is irritating, for sure. But NOT consistent with the in game collection manager.
I’ll admit that I didn’t go back to check if it changed, but when Boomsday released I almost messed up the spreadsheet I have to keep track of owned and missing cards by rarity because Weaponized Pinata was included in the set of cards shown when I typed “legendary” in the search box.

To search by actual rarity (in the in game collection manager), do not simply type “legendary”, but type “rarity: legendary”.

(Ian Shepherd) #29
  • Fixed sorting options not working on latest set.
  • On load, new set header will now correctly auto-advance to the next reveal.
  • Added a “Most Recent” sort option (instead of defaulting) to latest set.


On mobile, navigating from a card page back to the gallery using the browser back button causes the search bar to disappear. Closing the card page with the X in the corner works normally.

Any status on making adventure cards available via direct link? I know it’d be so low priority that the slightest technical hurdle may preclude it from ever happening, but if it’s not too much trouble, it’d be nice to be able to directly insert them when discussing adventure content here. Posting a third party link as preformatted text so people have to copy-paste it isn’t quite as elegant.

(Ian Shepherd) #31

Documented bug, thanks!

Status on adventure cards being surfaced on the site: we’re working on it and I do not have an ETA. You’ll also begin to see other types of data being surfaced as we go along.


How can I get all order field, such as dateadded, it doesn’t be shown at dev document.
I want order by revealed date.


Also, hope to release zh_CN gateway as soon as possible.
because chinese user visit a bit slower.


Default hero cards (Rexxar, Garrosh, etc) are missing from /hearthstone/cards endpoint. Would be nice to have them via this endpoint.


Totemic Surge (0 mana) has a mana ordering problem.

When sorting by increasing mana it is listed last and with decreasing listed first.

Noticed.... Anyone else?
(Ian Shepherd) #36

Documented, thanks for catching that!

(Ian Shepherd) #37

8/29 changelist for the web


Some feature suggestions:

  • Add a card back endpoint
  • Add a section to the metadata containing the sets available in arena and the card exclusions