Can't Create Merchant Cart

Mismo problema. Por lo menos no estoy solo

how long till you get this fixed im almost halfway threw the quests and still cant open my packs…

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Same. I have taken my starting chars to level 13. 3 hours. A waste or time. Tutorial 2 We’re Hiring has done nothing and I see no where were I can build my Merchants Cart.

I have been receiving points for mercenaries I do not even own yet. i. e. x30 Scrabbs. as I do not have the cart opened and acceess any packs.

What gives?

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you can use the coins for mercs you dont have to craft them if you have enough.

Same problem here. Cannot build Merch Cart.

Someone recorded it on YT too.

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same problem here i spent a couple hours before i realized i just cant progress

i dont understand this mentality blizzard post this

10/12 Update: We are investigating an issue with players getting stuck in the Mercenaries tutorial.

in response we get people saying " they dont care "


Chipping in on every thread, cant open my preordered packs with no cart


Give me please merchant cart!!!

Mihajeeeel BOGA JEBA KAKK!?? How blizz?! Cmonnnn Im desperate! We need that tutorial fix! WE NEEED THE CARRRTTTTTT! <3

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I have same problem!

Just adding my voice to this since I can’t create the merchant cart either.

Same. At least I didn’t preordered

I also have this problem :frowning:

Same problem here. Cannot build Merch Cart

Problem besteht hier auch. Selbst wenn ich von PC auf Mobile gehe, taucht der Händlerwagen nicht auf. Ich kann die Booster nicht öffnen. Seit gestern.

Same problem, when we can play normally?

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Same here. I played on launch and cant progress very frsutrating

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On german Forum

says : we know about this error and there will be a hotfix shortly to solve this

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Same here. I feel like I wasted way too much money for this “gameplay” that I can’t play fully. WTH was the point of me pre purchasing things I can’t use while others can? If it was free and I didn’t put money into I wouldn’t care as much. But I dropped a lot for the pre-purchase content just to be stuck. I would like some version of compensation when it is up and running. I feel ripped off.