Can't Create Merchant Cart

Yeah they basically told me I’m not allowed to speak to the devs when I asked for an update to the situation and then told me to have a nice day. My response was weird I never asked to speak to the devs just for there to be more transparency with what’s going on.

Same problem, i cant play

Same issue. It’s been like this since release and still no fix.

Guys, you won’t believe it. But the merchant cart workshop BUILD magically appeared for me. I don’t know how, but it did. With no patch update. What I did is change accounts from EU to NA or another, play Mercenaries until you get the merchant cart on the new server, but be sure not to play Bounties ahead of the tasks available. For example the bug appears when you complete the elemental Bounty before you claim previous tasks (theres a task for the elemental Bounty).

Still, I am confused the bug disappeared thanks to me or Blizzard’s doing. But how can it be possible for a mod with no patch update (on a mobile device). Is that even allowed by the app store (regardless which it is)

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it was blizzard they deployed a patch