Can't Create Merchant Cart

I have the same issues, great realese, can’t open my packs. And I’m supposed to give u more money? ahahahha I go back playing f2p bg

Adding to the “me too” list - I just wanna open my packs!

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I have the same problem , I hope they will fix It in the next days

I don’t think they will fix it because blizzard is busy with fruit at the moment.

Chiming in. Very very frustrating and disappointing we haven’t heard anything about this, it’s all over the 'net.

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The same stuff man (´;ω ;`)

I have the same problem, pls fix it

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Same problem, disappointing this hasn’t been addressed yet. Entire mode is DOA.

Same same same same same same same…

Oh and FFS!

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I hope that all the time I lost not being able to play will be refunded with something. it is not possible that I cannot play while other players have been farming for a day


if they fix it soon. If…


all that the other players have earned in this period to us who laughs at us? I hope for you that you will be forgiven because otherwise I swear that I am petitioning not to show you half a cent more. you are a company that sells a product that is not there … I expect at least some packs as an excuse

do you have any idea how frustrating this situation is? 24 hours have passed and you still do not care … if you were a player now in our place would you spend money?

heartstone game since launch, and I’ve never had such a nasty bug


Same. Acknowledge then fix it Blizzard…


same problem here , and i can’t open packs …


Mismo problema. Por lo menos no estoy solo

how long till you get this fixed im almost halfway threw the quests and still cant open my packs…

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Same. I have taken my starting chars to level 13. 3 hours. A waste or time. Tutorial 2 We’re Hiring has done nothing and I see no where were I can build my Merchants Cart.

I have been receiving points for mercenaries I do not even own yet. i. e. x30 Scrabbs. as I do not have the cart opened and acceess any packs.

What gives?

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you can use the coins for mercs you dont have to craft them if you have enough.